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Thaumadynamics encompasses all magics pertaining to the transfer or alteration of energy, both physical and magical. Apotheturgy and Telekinetics both fall under this magic classification. The magics of Thaumadynamics form the core foundation of technology within Fillimet, helping power the majority of modern conveniences and assisting in the training of new mages.


Thaumadynamics allows for the manipulation and storage of energy. Its spell can be split into two sub categories.  


Apotheturgy allows for the sharing of Imperium when casting, or the storage of that Imperium in a Dynapothix rune for powering runework. Most mentors and instructors also rely upon Apotheturgy during one on one instruction, allowing them to better observe their student's spells during casting.  


Telekinetics encompasses the magics of movement and the manipulation of potential and kinetic energy. The magic is highly dependent on directionality and therefore does not mix well with Portal Travel.
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Thaumadynamics remains one of the most common forms of magic known to citizens of Fillimet.   Apotheturgy is learned by most students to allow for accurate assessments of their spell casting processes, and to facilitate group projects. Dynapothix runes are also commonly required to recharge magical items relying upon channeled spells powered by Rune Magic.   Telekinetics powers many magical forms of transportation, including various models of Airship.

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23 Jun, 2021 07:01

Your magic system continues to amaze me. I love how much your magics intertwine with the world as well as with each other!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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23 Jun, 2021 11:10

Thank you. <3 They form the backbone of technology and society, it's so much fun to weave them into everything.

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23 Jun, 2021 10:36

Yay, a magic article! I love how much thought you've put into your magic systems. Apotheturgy is so useful, especially. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
23 Jun, 2021 11:12

Apotheturgy is definitely an important one! I love playing with how the magic works, and how people would use it.

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Sage Dylonishere123
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24 Jun, 2021 17:36

Oooo another awesome magic system here. I love how it serves as the foundation of technology as well. It makes sense. Lots of cool things could be done technologically. I also like that it seems so simple. It really is just a basic exchange of energy. Well done.

24 Jun, 2021 18:25

Thank you! I am so excited - all the building blocks of magic are now defined.

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