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Telepathy is the magic of mental links, allowing for shared communications or even experiences and memories. All participants are aware of the link and able to break it at any time, regardless of who began the link.


Telepathy permits a mage to form a mental link with another individual or even a group. The nature of the information shared, and the directional nature of this link, depend upon the skills and spells used to form the link.  


In its most basic form Telepathy allows for mental communication with an individual or group. Feral Dragons use this as their standard form of communication, although this capability can also be purchased in the form of Communication Tokens and other such items.   For telepathic beginners communications require line of sight or even physical touch, but over time a telepathic caster is able to develop range to reach their intended target, or even direct the message to a group of people targeted by identity or location. Particularly skilled telepaths can even set up secure two way communications.  

Shared Experience

Once a mage has mastered telepathic communication they are able to begin training to share experiences and even memories telepathically. When sharing in this way all involved parties are aware of the link, with the individual sharing the event able to sever that link at any time regardless of their own telepathic skills or lack thereof.  


Telepathy also allows a mage to master the art of languages, if permitted to link with someone who is familiar with their intended language. Often this is the individual with which they are communicating, but this is not a requirement. This skill can also be used to communicate with animals, allowing the mage an intimate albeit temporary insight into all communication methods, both verbal and nonverbal. Particularly astute mages may also use this to learn important local customs, as understood by the individual with which they are linked.   The link must remain active throughout the conversation, although with repeated exposure the mage will begin to remember and retain pieces of the language. As with all other forms of telepathy this link must be voluntarily accepted by the recipient for the full duration, and may be terminated at any time by either party.
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Access & Availability
Telepathic communication is available to the general populace in the form of Communication Tokens and similar items. For longer distance or higher quality communications people can rent the services of a professional Telecommunicater, although this is not recommended for sensitive communications as the Telecommunicater will be able to hear, experience, and even participate in the conversation.
The most difficult part of telepathy is in sending to the correct individual. In the beginning this is done by line of sight or touch to prevent mistakes, but other methods have been adopted for casting over distance. When the contact is frequent a mage may carry an item of significance with ties to their intended target, either because it used to belong to the individual or simply reminds them of their intended recipient. Otherwise a mage will focus on thoughts of the intended individual and then verify their identity once the link forms.   This has led to its own dilemmas, of course, as skilled telepaths would find themselves subconsciously forming a link with individuals they thought about often. Today most telepathy mages are taught to tie their casting to a ritual in an effort to combat this. The ritual is not strictly necessary for telepathy but learning to perform the ritual as part of the spell has significantly reduced the frequency of accidental links. These rituals vary depending upon the teacher, and many carry deep cultural roots as a result.
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