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Elemental magic includes all element-based magic classes. Hydromancy, Pyromancy, Anemancy, Geomancy, and Electromancy all fall under this classification. Elemental magics may be used individually although most mages study multiple magic classifications from elemental magic or even other classes, depending upon their needs and interests.


Elemental magic is typically broken up across five different categories. These may be used separately or combined depending upon the requirements and interests of the caster. These magics are also complimentary to most other magical classifications, allowing a mage to efficiently perform their desired tasks by calling upon the appropriate element.  


Pyromancy allows for the control of flames, allowing its users to create fire or even explosions, both intentional and accidental. Strong emotional awareness is required to safely utilize and effectively apply this elemental class. Most instructors require at least a basic knowledge in Hydromancy before teaching a prospective student.  


Hydromancy allows for the control of water and, eventually, other liquids. This is a popular class of elemental magic due to its usefulness, especially in the application of Curative Magic due to the large volume of fluids present in most creatures.  


Geomancy allows the user to understand the earth around them, sensing its current state of stability and identifying nearby weaknesses. This elemental class requires patience and observation, with many practicioners learning to also read the truth from what they hear and observe due to the skills required to attune to the ground.  


Electromancy allows for the control of power in the form of lightning, useful for non-lethal self-defense or to recharge Runes in cases of emergency. It is especially popular among impulsive young mages due to its flashiness large range, and targeting forgiveness.  


Anemancy allows for the control of air using wind and sound. Many dual classify this skill as Illusion Magic as well due to the ability to confuse an individual's sound perceptions.
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Elemental magic is typically the first magic classification that comes to mind when discussing magic and therefore most prospective mages begin their magical studies with one of the elemental classes. Hydromancy and Electromancy are the most commonly taught although Pyromancy is a clear favorite until the emotional control requirements are explained.
Elemental magic is generally fairly straightforward in its basic usage and casting, growing in complexity and requirement with the difficulty of the spells. Many types also require intense concentration, emotional awareness, or other personal efforts in order to cast safely and effectively.
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