Pyromancy deals with the generation and control of fire in all its many forms. Unlike most classes of magic pyromancy also requires the user to have full awareness of their own emotions due to pyromancy's tendency to feed on emotions as well as Imperium. As a result students are typically required to learn Hydromancy prior to pyromancy to reduce accidents.   Skilled pyromancers are highly self-aware as a matter of requirement to control their own flames. They must therefore constantly know and understand their present emotional state in order to properly calibrate their spells. To do otherwise risks disaster.


Pyromancy deals with all matters of fire, both its generation and suppression. This school of magic requires great self-control from its students at the risk of catastrophe. For this reason many teachers insist their students become experts in at least the basics of Hydromancy prior to learning pyromancy.   Emotions and intentions play a large role in controlling the fires of pyromancy. As a result the most esteemed teachers of pyromancy teach methods more akin to meditation than magic use, with some even teaching the use of simple Divination spells to gage their state of mind prior to casting Pyromantic spells.   Once a student learns to center themselves, their intentions with flames come almost instinctively. Pyromancy skills draw from the caster's emotions as well as their Imperium and a skilled pyromancer must be aware of their emotions at all times to calibrate the effects on the spellwork.  

Fire Manipulation

Fire manipulation is the easiest of the pyromancy skills to learn, and the most prone to disaster. A skilled pyromancer can conjure fire at will and control its every movement, but to do so requires a constant channel utilizing the caster's imperium to keep the fire's hunger in check.   This can spell disaster if the caster is unaware of their own Imperium limitations, necessitating detailed and strenuous fire manipulation exercises under the direct guidance of a master of pyromancy until the student becomes familiar with their own limitations.  

Explosive Flames

Pyromancy also allows an individual to cause explosions centered on their own conjured flames or, once advanced enough in their studies, utilize flames from any source as the centerpoint. The larger the fire the larger the explosion, unless the pyromancer has enough skill and Imperium to control the size of the explosion.   This too has been cause for troubles in training, as many a student with a basic understanding of pyromancy has learned how to trigger explosions as a result of a runaway fire manipulation lesson and the resultant panic trying to douse the flames. A pyromancer must learn to remain calm to maintain full control over their pyromancy.  

Light Source

Once a student of pyromancy has gained full control of their casting intentions and their emotions while casting they discover their abilities to generate a flame that does not heat or burn, but merely casts its light. These light sources can be increased or decreased in size, and most skilled pyromancers can even control the color of the flames. While present the flames do draw from the caster's Imperium in lieu of burning fuel like a regular flame, but as long as the caster remains calm this draw is minor.  

Fire Suppression

The most difficult of all pyromancy skills, a pyromancer can completely douse a fire when necessary. This requires a large amount of magical fortitude and takes an emotional toll on the caster as the effort is akin to completely and willingly suppressing all of their own emotions to smother the fire. For this reason most teachers of pyromancy only cover the basic principles of this class of pyromancy before recommending their students utilizing fire manipulation to shrink the fire before putting it out with hydromancy or water.
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Due to the high risks involved while learning pyromancy most instructors are selective with their students, teaching only individuals with an appropriate level of knowledge in Hydromancy. Some teachers also specialize in assisting children with innate pyromancy abilities learn to control their powers due to the higher risks involved if they do not.   Despite the efforts required to obtain a willing teacher the skills of pyromancy spells themselves are not difficult and anyone with any level of magical abilities can master pyromancy provided they first master themselves.
Pyromancy is easy to learn but difficult to control due to its nature of drawing fuel from the caster's emotions in addition to their Imperium. Those with an innate understanding of pyromancy typically also have a history of fire-centric tragedy unless they learn control from a master of the skill.   True mastery of pyromancy requires one to be the master of their emotions rather than allowing these emotions to control them. This does not mean that a pyromancer cannot experience their own emotions but rather that they must understand their feelings at all times and take them into account when using their pyromancy. Sometimes an emotion-fuelled spell is exactly what a situation requires. When storing spells with runes the strength of the spell within the rune also draws from the runecaster's emotions at the time the rune was created.
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Dec 16, 2019 03:12 by Amy Winters-Voss

this is a fun type of magic! The risks and need for control make it all the more intriguing. "As a result students are typically required to learn Hydromancy prior to pyromancy to reduce accidents." -this line made me giggle but understand the need for it too!

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Risk-Reward can be very fun! I'm excited you agree.   I will admit that I look forward to playing with this in my own future stories, too. So many ways this could go very wrong or surprisingly right.

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Great article! I love the teaching hierarchy hydromancy < pyromancy and the focus on the danger and safety when learning pyromancy :D

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I do try to think of the impact of things to teaching and everyday life. So glad you enjoyed!

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