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Tyrellium Crystalization

Crystallized Tyrellium allows for information storage and complex calculations utilizing that information. The process to create these crystals is a complex and highly guarded secret.


Crystallized Tyrellium allows the conductive metal to store information and even make calculations based upon that information. In more advanced applications it can even help provide a perpetual information link between items using Tyrellium provided the appropriate spells are applied.   A simpler version of the process can be used to manufacture musical instruments. Unfortunately no Goldaming has successfully recreated Artur's success with the Crystalline Chimes.
Artur Goldaming
Access & Availability
The requirements of the process are a closely guarded secret of the Goldaming Family, due to the nature of the experimentation performed by Artur Goldaming upon his invention of the process. The Goldamings are willing to construct the devices for use by others in well-defined projects or inventions but are unwilling to risk a repeat of the darker uses of the technology.
The process requires imbuing magical spellwork into Tyrellium through an exact and complicated process, utilizing a variety of spells of precise strength and duration in an exact order. The Goldaming Family refuse to share more than this when explaining the technology, merely adding that only a well-practiced mage can successfully create the crystals, and only after much practice. As a result they are expensive and rare and used only in the most critical of tasks.
The process was discovered by Artur Goldaming as part of his experimentation to discover immortality. The steps he took next in this quest are a dark secret held closely by the Goldaming Family due to fear that others may attempt to succeed where he failed.
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