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Divine Magic

Divine magics encompass all classes of magic considered as foundations of the workings of Fillimet, or as gifts from the higher divine planes. Amphikinetics, Chronomancy, Divination, Lithaelexy, Metamagic, Necromancy, and Transmutation all fall under this classification. An understanding of one of the classes of Divine Magic typically also imparts the caster with a deeper understanding of an aspect of the workings of the universe.


Divine Magic is broken into seven distinct classes, each dealing with a separate aspect of the workings of Fillimet. Most Divine practicioners limit their studies to one of these schools.  


Amphikinetics deals with manipulations of the duality of luck. Its spellwork ranges from simple chance calculations to advanced alterations of the odds of those events. Practicioners must remain vigilant and caution in their changes, as luck always seeks its own rebalance.  


Chronomancy allows for the manipulation of time. While the secrets of time travel have not yet been discovered despite much research into the subject, practicioners of Chronomancy still maintain many ways to bend time in their favor.  


Divination feeds the quest for knowledge, of the future and the past, of secrets yet untold, or even just a simple verification of a suspected truth. This school of magic is heavily influenced by the emotions and thoughts of the caster themselves, leading many to use basic Verification Divination Spells as a meditative practice prior to casting any advanced spells.  


Lithaelexy details the manipulation of magnetic fields through the use of specialized equipment and often without any Imperium expenditure requirements. While a useful field for a variety of industries this school of magic is surrounded by controversy as some believe it to not be a magic at all.  


Metamagic is the magic of magic, in its truest form. Practicioners are gifted with an innate attunement to a specific aspect of the workings of magic itself. While Metamagic abilities can be honed and perfected they do require an individual be born with the initial Metamagic capability.  


Necromancy promotes a better understanding of the Veil and the planes beyond. Experienced Necromancer can commune with the dead, and even control the spiritual resonance of creatures or objects to allow interaction between the spiritual planes.  


Transmutation is the magic of transformation and metamorphosis. The most successful applications of Transmutation require a deep knowledge and understanding of the caster's initial target as well as its intended state, leading to intense specialization by the most talented mages within the field.
Divine Spells
Access & Availability
The Divine Magics encompass a wide breadth of skills and abilities, leading to a large disparity in the accessibility of each skill. Metamagic remains the rarest due to the requirements that a caster be predisposed towards the abilities. Lithaelexy carries larger equipment requirements than any other school of magic but omits Imperium and even magical attunement requirements for most applications. Chronomancy entails a large expenditure of energy to maintain its spellwork, while Divination requires a calm demeanor free from preconceptions. Amphikinetics carries the highest chances for catastrophic failure, therefore leading to the natural selection of only the most meticulous and patient students. Transmutation requires advanced study outside of magical training.   Of all the Divine Magics, Necromancy remains the most accessible through the availability of Grief Walkers to help loved ones commune with their dead.

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