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The Duality of Luck

Amphikinetics is the magical school pertaining to luck and its manipulation. Successful practicioners must maintain awareness of the possible repercussions of their changes and find ways to offset and rebalance luck. Failure to do so risks severe consequences, and most practitioners of Amphikinetics can recount endless horror stories of students who experienced significant, painful ordeals as a result.


Amphikinetics allows a magic user to access and alter the luck and probability of events by shifting the balance point. Casters must retain awareness of the balance of luck, and recognize that to alter the odds of one event will also change the probabilities of other possibilities as well.  

Calculations of Chance

The most basic form of Amphikinetics, to calculate the probabilities of events does not alter the chance of each occurrence but merely defines them. This school of magic can also help identify possible outcomes which were previously unknown, and even identify possible event trees, although it is important to note that these are still simply probabilities. Amphikinetic chance calculations do not predict the future, nor do they identify direct causal relationships.  

Luck Rebalancing

Casters skilled in luck rebalancing are able to shift the odds of events by changing their balance points to make certain events more likely to occur. Luck is a finely balanced thread of probabilities and possibilities, and so each alteration to that balance results in additional changes until luck returns to its own equilibrium. An expert in this rebalancing also learns to feel this balance, allowing them to craft a balance which will best assist them in their efforts, and even sense luck foci disrupting that balance. Novices are taught to maintain a basic balance by borrowing luck from one target to present to another, leading to smaller luck shifts as the field corrects itself for the disturbance.  

Blessings and Curses

The most exacting amphikinetic spellwork revolves around blessings and curses directed at individuals. The easiest way to maintain the balance of luck is to cast a blessing and a curse with the same spell, directing each portion to half of a rivalry. This also allows for success with weaker spells, as the opposition between the diametric halves of the spell increases the impact on interactions between them. Weaker spells hold less risk of catastrophic failures and unforseen circumstances, and so this is also the preferred method of most practicioners. The safest spells also add a release mechanism, where if something happens to one party to severely impact the balance the spell will fracture, as this tends to have a more containable effect upon the balance.   The spells must be cast on individuals rather than organizations or families, to maintain the balance. If cast upon a group the spells risk unbalancing if one group grows larger than their opposing group, resulting in potentially erratic effects as the luck rebalances itself. Family curses are particularly notorious for growing out of hand, often taking whole communities with them in a notorious and unforseen disaster.  

Charms and Harms

Charms and harms are lucky tokens crafted with Rune Magic following the same basic principles as blessings and curses. In these cases the spellwork is a physical object, casting its effects onto its owner. The runes are very specific as to the effects, such as "improves bartering skills" or "decreases financial wealth."   High quality charms and harms are enchanted to maintain the balance by also casting their opposite effect onto those in physical proximity to their caster. Lesser objects do not contain this safety feature, and instead will overwhelm their prior owner with the opposite effects should they ever lose the harm or charm. Charms are typically obvious about their effects and status as a blessed object, unless they were commissioned to covertly circumvent laws or other roadblocks for their bearer. Harms are often either disguised as unassuming mundane objects or highly desirable and valuable objects, depending upon the expected reactions of their targeted owner.
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Vendors and merchants hawking good luck charms or curses for rivals abound across Fillimet, although in most cases these are superstitious nonsense or simple Curative charms.   Genuine amphikinetic magic beyond basic chance calculations remains fairly rare. The spells themselves are not difficult to cast but attempts to rush to reach mastery tend to have a negative effect upon students of the arts. Only the most meticulous and patient casters thrive.
Amphikinetic spellwork is complicated and difficult to cast correctly because of the unintended consequences caused by any adjustment in the chance of a single occurrence. Successful casters must recognize the possible effects as luck rebalances itself around the new inputs, and take these changes into account. Amphikinetics therefore requires a wider and more analytical viewpoint than most magic classes, not to mention a noticeable level of patience. Amphikinetics should never be cast quickly, as a hasty adjustment to improve the present situation could spell disaster later.

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