Airships provide a classy mode of travel with a stunning view and a smooth ride. While Portal Travel is the fastest method of travel, provided both the origin and destination are accessible by portal, Airship travel frequently provides the most stable form of transit. The Airship rides high above most storm clouds and allows a traveler and their goods to avoid the discomfort and instability introduced when utilizing portals.   Airships can be configured to carry passengers or cargo depending upon their model and the needs of its owner. Most have remarkable lift capabilities, permitting them to carry heavy cargo if desired. In cases where the items for transport are to large to squeeze into the cabin most Airships provide an array of hooks on their underbellies as attach points for cargo slings. Provided the cargo is securely fastened to the slings and well balanced before flight a standard Airship can safely transport cargo in this way across most of Fillimet.

Power Generation

Power can be generated by magical or scientific means. Magical methods generally involve the use Runes and Tyrellium to tap into the magical fields of Fillimet. Mundane methods include creating pressurized steam or air through the use of heat, typically from burning a material such as wood or Natural Gas.


Forward movement can be accomplished through the use of rotating propellers, skysails, spellwork or runes. The craft are usually kept airborne with levitation Runes or spellwork, although airfoils or Helium are frequently used as secondary options in more expensive models and military craft. Depending upon the model and origin of the vessel an Airship can rely upon one or several possible methods for propulsion and levitation
Related Professions
Fairly Common
Complement / Crew
Depends upon the model of Airship
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Depends upon the model of Airship

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