Thaumathea details the magic of vision and vision augmentation. Casters skilled in Thaumathea have the ability to view the world in a variety of ways depending upon their present needs. They can also adjust the way they view these visuals, to enhance their sight for better mental interpretation.


Thaumathea is divided into two major subclasses, one to enhance what the mage can already see and the other to augment their standard sense of vision with new capabilities. Fully trained Thaumathea mages are able to combine visuals from both major subclasses.  

Enhanced Spectroscopy

Enhanced Spectroscopy pertains to improving a creature or individual's standard vision, and its full impact varies depending upon the standard vision capabilities of that individual. Any enhancements from this subclass can also be applied to any Augmented Vision overlays. Those who are blinded, either temporarily or permanently, must first select a spectrum of Augmented Vision before using these skills.  
Enhanced Macroscopy
Enhanced Macroscopy allows the caster to improve their own visuals based upon what they can see unaided, altering the visual focus and coloration of what they see. They can also adjust their vision based upon the available radiant flux, allowing a Thaumathea mage to see well in both dark and light conditions provided their environment contains at least some quantity of light from their visual spectrum.   Experts in Thaumathea are able to adjust their vision almost immediately based upon outside influences, preventing temporary or permanent vision loss due to events within their visual spectrum, but most mages will experience a slight delay.  
Microscopy allows a mage to enhance their visuals to view items smaller than what they can see unaided. The caster's field of vision will decrease with magnification. These skills are particularly useful among craftsmen, researchers, and health professionals.  
Telescopy allows a mage to enhance their visuals to better view things far away. As with Microscopy, the caster's field of vision will decrease as their magnification increases. These skills are particularly popular among researchers, Battle Mages, Game Wardens, scouts, and hunters.  

Augmented Spectroscopy

Augmented Spectroscopy allows a Thaumathea mage to add an additional electromagnetic spectrum to their current vision, augmenting what they can already see. Mages cannot lose their sense of sight due to events experienced only through augmented vision, although if overloaded with wavelength input all Thaumathea spells will be interrupted and will need to be recast.   While some particularly skilled Thaumathea mages can use two Augmented spectrum overlays at once, most mages are limited to a single Augmentation. Visuals can be further improved with an Enhanced Spectroscopy spells. The available spectrums are listed below:
  • Gamma
    Gamma vision reveals the powers of the stars. While not useful for most purposes it has become popular among those who study the night skies of Fillimet or the sky rocks which sometimes rain to the ground.
  • X-Ray
    Permitting the caster to see through solid objects, X-Ray Vision is most often found among Healers or those working in security.
  • Ultraviolet
    One of the less common uses of Augmented Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet vision allows the caster to view wavelengths slightly higher than the standard visual spectrum. It has found use in some covert organizations for passing messages due to the ways certain substances react under ultraviolet radiation. Many afflicted with vampirism have also learned to use ultraviolet vision to help avoid vitamin D toxicity while in daylight.
  • Visual Spectrum
    The visual spectrum is defined as the electromagnetic wavelengths available to all sapient species. This Augmentation finds uses among those who are unable to view the visual spectrum due to genetics, blindness, or localized obstruction.
  • Infrared
    The infrared spectrum allows the caster to view heat transfer, which has been found particularly useful in construction, firefighting, tracking, or night applications.
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Access & Availability
While the spellwork for Thaumathea only applies to the caster unless a Telepathy vision-sharing spell is also active, Rune Magic has made the standard applications of Thaumathea available to the general public. Microscopes and telescopes allow for improved research capabilities, telepathically-attuned macroscopes allow for improved standard vision, and Augscopes allow for the addition of Augmented vision options, while Photography allows for the storage of these visuals for later viewing.
While the spells themselves are fairly straightforward a mage must learn how to properly interpret the visuals they are seeing. For this reason many students in training spend as much time viewing Photography of Augmented vision as they do casting the spells themselves.

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Apr 19, 2021 15:07 by R. Dylon Elder

Ooo I see what you mean. This right here would help so much! I could find my keys better for sure. They always seem to be right under my nose XD so our hypothetical sherlock(...warlock? No that's not right...) could use this to help gather information, and the joys of thaumapista to put those pieces where they need to be for the grand finale. The fact that they can see nonviable light makes the job so much easier. I can see why law enforcement use it, as stated in other articles. It would make for an excellent story, one mage using it to catch another while the villain uses the same system to cover their tracks. Ooooooo yes. I love it.     Woahhh they can even see microscopically and telescopically? It mentions the field of vision decreasing and rightly so, but I wonder just how far one could go with that? Can these images be astronomers, able to see what it takes a high powered telescope? Could this have led to the discovery of viruses, and other microscopic organisms making it especially useful to scientists? What about atoms? This seems to be implied with the use of researchers and health professionals being mentioned, so if that's true, good on you for the depth and well thought out implications of this ability. I love this! So many possibilities.

Apr 19, 2021 16:03 by Morgan Biscup

The short answer - yes! Practicioners of biomicrokinesis and stoicheiokinetics need some sort of view into what they are doing, after all. Not to mention, good to see if your radiation containment is leaking and such...   I did not mention astronomers specifically because I am still working on my Vazdimet timeline to figure out just when they decided perhaps physically traveling into space (rather than just portaling places) was worthwhile, but that was my intent there too. Capabilities would mainly be limited by skill and Imperium and the spell itself.

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Apr 20, 2021 04:21 by Luca Poddighe

I didn't quite get the bit about vampirism, but as usual, I have enjoyed your magic system.

Apr 20, 2021 04:42 by Morgan Biscup

The reason vampires in Fillimet tend to avoid the sunlight is because they are more susceptible to Vitamin D poisoning. Too much time in the sun for us may mean a sunburn, but for them it means internal pain as well. The body covers ultraviolet light into Vitamin D, so they try and avoid staying too long in areas with high ultraviolet radiation concentrations when they can.

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Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Apr 20, 2021 10:47 by Luca Poddighe

Ok clear now.

Apr 24, 2021 20:03 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like that there's these different types of magic that mirror things we in this world use technologies for. I love the idea of microscopy especially. I would use it all the time to peer at things.

Apr 24, 2021 20:54 by Morgan Biscup

Oh gosh yes, me too!

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