Psychomorphation takes the information gained from Psychometry and allows the caster to alter those inputs to adjust the memories and emotions of an individual. For the health of the patient these changes must remain small and incrimental until the desired output can be achieved.   The teaching methods and practice of Psychomorphation remain tightly controlled across much of Fillimet, as while the magic can bring great help to those in need of it the abilities also carry the capability to cause even greater harm. The Goldaming Family lists Psychomorphation as the most dangerous known magic technology and devotes a noticeable portion of their budget to developing counters to defend against unwanted mind alterations.   Training opportunities to learn Psychomorphation are therefore highly regulated, and individuals trained by reputed schools and mentors are registered as knowing the skills even when not licensed to actually practice.


Where Psychometry revolves around merely reading emotions and memories, Psychomorphation is the magic used to alter or exploit them. Use of Psychomorphation first requires mastery of Psychometry, as a caster must understand their starting point before they can make changes. Legal practice of Psychomorphation of any variety requires a license in most locales, with the recognition that small adjustments are best. Psychic Therapists have had great success utilizing Psychomorphation to treat a vast array of mental health issues and conditions.   The skills of Psychomorphation can be split into three general goal categories, although this does not mean they are three distinct sets of spells. Often a spell will require influence from two or even all three categories in order to operate properly, and not all abilities fall neatly within these classifications. The brain is a complex organ, after all, and tends to have a mind of its own.  

Emotional Shift

After identifying an individual's emotions a mage can shift them into a similar but different emotion. This will not work on widely disparate emotions but only in cases where a simple nudge will suffice. Alteration of memories can prove especially useful here.  

Alter Memory

Memory is fallible, and the process the mind uses to store these memories requires linking them to similar events or external stimuli. These spells utilize small adjustments to nudge these links and thereby change the memory itself and its meaning to the individual.   Major changes are possible but they take time, requiring multiple sessions to draw the intended memory to the forefront of the target's mind and then slowly adjusting the resultant recall. When the memory is traumatic these repeated sessions will leave an emotional scarring effect upon the individual, and so it is recommended to limit the use of memory alterations unless absolutely necessary.  


A particularly skilled mage is able to plant a suggestion into the mind of their target, either altering a facet of how they view the world or even directing the individual to perform some specific action. The targeted individual cannot be forced to act in a way that would violate their personality or code of ethics, but they will feel compelled to try and fulfill their directed end goal and so may take some creative measures.   The power of suggestion relies heavily upon the memories and emotions of the targeted individual, often requiring the mage to also alter those memories and emotions in a way that push the individual towards that suggestion. As an example, if a Psychic Therapist is helping a patient work through their fear of a particular species of pet they may choose to adjust happy memories of interactions with other pets such that the pet in the memory is the currently feared pet, while simultaneously shifting the emotions tied to memories of actual interactions with that species, in an effort to compel the patient towards a less fearful reaction when interacting with that animal.
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Psychic Therapists are in high demand among those with difficult mental health situations due to their severe but permanent adjustments within the mind. They do require the potential patient to meet with a more standard therapist and rule out many other possible treatments prior to seeing a Psychic Therapist, and many insist their patient continue to see a therapist even as they receive treatments with the Psychic Therapist as a precaution.
Psychomorphation is a highly complex magic relying upon precision and patience. A single mishap could severely alter the personality and mental health of the patient, resulting in slower cast times for spells and even slower incrimental changes when performing the actual adjustments.

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