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Illusion Magic

Illusion Magic is the school of magical image projection. Popular among actors and politicians, Illusion allows the caster to project one or multiple copies of themselves, or visually alter and even hide their appearance or that of their spell's target. Sound can also be added or obfuscated with Anemantic spell adjustments.


Illusion Magic allows a caster to project images visible to others, often with associated sound through the use of Anemancy. The spells are classified into two main categories, depending upon the intended accuracy of the results. Those viewing the Illusions are typically unable to discern which class was used if viewing only the end results.   Illusion spells are always incorporeal by themselves, a trick of the light and sometimes sound.  


A hologram is meant to perfectly mimic an actual item, creature, or individual. This could be done in a recorded form, as with Holographic Photography, or as a live display. The spells create a holographic duplicate of the target which perfect mimics their actions, including any sounds if an Anemantic aspect is included within the spell. Holograms do not need to be exact replicas of their target to function, as they can vary in certain aspects such as sizing, but they are wholly recognizable as a facsimile of the spell's target.  


A merogram does not create a perfect copy of the target, but rather combines the targeted object, creature, or individual with other display alterations depending upon the spell cast. These spells could be used to mask an individual to appear as someone else, add or combine appearance characteristics, or even hide their visual presence.   As with holography the merogram will rely upon its target to dictate its actions, although figures created through merography can also react to mental commands from the caster or target for the duration of the spell.
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Holography spells are fairly straightforward and require little in the way of maintenance once cast unless projecting for extended periods or trying to mask the casting and subsequent hologram from its target.   Merography spells are more challenging by their very nature. The caster (or target, depending on the spell) must continue to hold their vision of the spell's manifestation for the full duration of the spell. Merographs are known for temporarily reverting to holographs when this image is not maintained with the channel, although refocusing one's attention on the needed appearance will quickly resolve the issue.

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