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Oramathea encompasses all vision based magics and spells. It includes three major submagics: Illusion Magic, Thaumapista, and Thaumathea. Oramathea magic has proven useful for a large variety of professions across Fillimet, from research to government to the entertainment industry.


Oramathea is split into three classifications of spells, depending upon their utility and limitations.  

Illusion Magic

Illusion Magic allows a caster to project a hologram or merogram of themselves or another target, copying or altering the target's appearance as dictated by the chosen spell. Some spells also use Anemancy to add sound.  


Thaumapista is the magic of insight, tracking, and enhanced train of thought. It also allows casters to better cover their own tracks through the use of concealment.  


Thaumathea is the magic of vision enhancement and augmentation. Casters can improve upon their current vision or even add an electromagnetic spectrum to their visible wavelengths.
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Access & Availability
Oramathea usage remains common across Fillimet, and is often taught on the job in support of a wide assortment of professions. Thaumathea in particular has found use assisting professionals to better view the world with their own needs in mind, while Illusion Magic helps to project oneself to others as desired.

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