Electromancy allows for the generation and utilization of lightning for everything from non-lethal offensive spells to powering new technologies. Its basic arc lightning forms are popular for self defense while organizations with heavy rune usage appreciate its ability to recharge those runes in emergency situations.   Due to the nature of lightning most electromancers forego wearing metal, especially armor or jewelry. Some who can afford it will wear clothing which includes Tyrellium Shielding within its stitching to help mitigate the effects if targeted by their own electromancy spellwork.


Electromancy teaches how to utilize lightning across an assortment of situations, from self defense to emergency maintenance. It can be divided into three basic skill subsets.  

Arc Lightning

The most basic of electromancy abilities, arc lighting allows for an electromancy charge that jumps freely between targets. The bolts are painful but typically leave minimal lasting effects, serving more as a deterrent than a damage spell. As a result this is a useful class of offensive spells for defensive situations and quite popular in self defense classes.   Arc lightning has also been found useful in conjunction with Curative Magic to help restart stopped hearts. Medical researchers are also looking into the incorporation of runes, including electromancy, to regulate the heart rate of those with heart conditions, although this is still highly experimental.  

Rune Recharging

In cases of emergency electromancy may also be used to recharge malfunctioning runes, whether the malfunction is due to a disconnection from the magical fields or a lack of regular maintenance. Runes recharged in this way will be able to function again for a short period of time but will require maintenance as soon as possible. Repeated recharging via electromancy will severely reduce the lifespan of the rune and will eventually require a complete replacement, marking rune recharging as a last resort but a useful option in critical situations.  

Electronic Power

Electromancy has been shown as capable of fully powering advanced machinery by channeling the spell power through Tyrellium circuitry. In smaller applications runes electromancy power can be stored and used as necessary through a combination of runes and Tyrellium Crystalization but larger applications such as luxury Airships require a skilled electromancer to power these devices at all times.  

Third Law of Magic

In accordance with the Third Law of Magic, magic changes those exposed to it. In the case of electromancy, long term repeat exposure to electromancy fields has been shown to increase the odds of Dementia due to repeat disruption of the synapses of the brain.
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Basic electromancy techniques are popularly taught acroas Fillimet as self defense methods. The spellwork is generally non-lethal but a painful deterrent, while the standard lightning arc forms of its effects allpw for less precise targeting while also providing effective protection against groups.   Lessons on more advanced forms of electromancy are generally reserved solely for professional applications.
Electromancy is particularly popular among impulsive young mages due to its simplistic spellcastimg requirements and forgiving nature when casting. When used offensively electromancy spells are uncomfortable but generally harmless in the long term unless targeted at an individual with a weak heart or other medical complications, or amplified by an extremely powerful mage. The spells also tend to arc easily between possible targets but respond readily to the caster's inputs on who or what is considered a target. All these features make basic electromancy a popular self-defense technique among the younger generations.
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As always, I come here expecting a fascinating article and sure enough, that's what I find!   So, my questions here are this:   [1] Based on the descriptions above, Rune Recharging and Electric Power is moving fantastic amounts of energy around. Is the practitioner required to NOT wear anything metal? As that much power might react or interact with what the caster is wearing? Say, magnetize it?   [2] Going off the Third Law of Magic, how often has a healer asked for an electromancer to cast Arc Lightning on a patient whose heart has stopped? It seems that the Arc Lightning might be able to restart a person's heart which would still satisfy "magic changes those exposed to it". Restarting a person's heart and dragging them back from the brink of death seems like a big change.   and [3] ... which is related sorta to question 2... how many electromancers dabble in necromancy?

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Once again you have some great thoughts that I had overlooked! I especially like the thoughts you have given me on pacemakers now too! And the metal comment is a fair point, I had some conversations with high voltage electricians at an old internship and they couldn't even bring their wedding rings to work.   I still need to figure out how necromancy works before I resolve that last question, although that would probably fit better in the necromancy article once I get to that...   Many thanks again. I value your comments, your perspective has helped me add additional depths to this in ways I have overlooked!

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