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Curative Magic

Curative Magic is the backbone of the Healer's expertise, providing the magic to physically cure an individual or even to prevent illness. While it is typically used on Sapient Species it can also be applied to other animals and sometimes even certain plants.


Curative Magic covers the basic spell knowledge requirements for Healers and other health casters. Most students then expand to learn other magical classes to specialize in different medical fields and better assist their patients. Curative Magics cover three sub categories, and a student is expected to master all three prior to practicing medicine on their own.  


This category of Curative Magic covers all spells meant to prevent an individual or creature from becoming sick or suffering a medical injury. Spells include resistances to effects such as poisoning or bleeding, as well as general efforts to improve overall health. Of note, shields and Shielding Magic are their own magical class and not included under Curative Magic.  


This class of Curative Magic is used to diagnose specific physical health issues or injuries, to identify the problem causing the individual's symptoms. These spells do not directly improve the patient's health but do allow for more accurate treatment.  


These spells are designed to directly heal injuries and treat the causes of symptoms experienced by the patient. They operate by assisting the body's own natural processes to better perform the tasks required to heal. Spells include enhanced healing to bind wounds, improved metabolism to help expel poisons, and boosted immune systems to fight disease.   Ailments caused by means the body has no tools to fight against will require more advanced treatment not provided by Curative Magic. Missing limbs can be reattached if kept in a recoverable condition, but they cannot be regrown by species not already possessing that ability. Injuries caused by a foreign body such as an arrow require that foreign item be removed prior to healing. Genetic issues are typically best cured through alteration of the patient's own genetic code, making magic such as Zokinesis a powerful tool. Fluid in the lungs would need to be removed using Hydromancy or other means prior to applying Curative Magic to help recover from issues such as near drowning or pneumonia. In such cases Curative Magic is only useful after using other means to resolve the direct issue, but once the underlying cause has been resolved the application of Curative Magic can significantly decrease recovery times.
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Access & Availability
Access to practicioners of Curative Magic, in the form of Healers, is readily available across Fillimet. Those wishing to learn the skills themselves must have a dedicated teacher and should expect to spend many years perfecting their craft before ever practicing on a patient.
Curative Magic requires extensive study, first of the biology of the species to be treated and then of the magic class itself. Unlike most classes of magic the effective usage of Curative Magic requires a full understanding of the entire class and all its categories of spellwork. Successful practicioners must become experts for the sake of their patients.
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