Chromamancy is the magical control of colors and dyes. While frequently used in its basic form across most Artisanal Magics the full skills of chromamancy are rarely studied due to their requirements for intense knowledge and training, combined with a general disinterest in the full powers of the skill.   Those who have mastered chromamancy tend to advertise their expertise through frequent color shifting of their clothing and often even their hair and skin.


Chromamancy allows the user to change the colors of an item or even a creature to the desired hues and patterns. These items still retain a knowledge of their original colors but a chromamancer's spell can only be undone by a chromamancer of equal or greater skill.  

Chromatic Shifting

The simplest of chromamancy spells, Chromatic Shifting allows the caster to slightly alter the hues of an object. Perhaps the desired color needs to be brighter, or a particular hue is detracting from the scene and needs to be muted to blend better with its surroundings. Maybe an item is just not quite the correct shade. All of these can be adjusted through the use of chromailtic shifting.   Chromatic shifting also allows the user to directly control the shade of an item when using a dye, paint, pigment, or stain on an item. This is the classification of chromamancy typically taught with the other artisanal magics.  

Object Recoloring

Object Recoloring allows the chromamancer to directly alter an object's colors and patterns without the use of any other materials. It requires intense concentration and a clear vision of the final results of the spell. This skill can only be used on inanimate objects and materials, and can alter the surface colors or the colors through the entire material  

Creature Colorization

The most difficult of all chromamancy, creature colorization, follows the same rules as object recoloring except it is applied to living creatures. Plants, animals, and even sapient individuals can be recolored according to the vision of the chromamancer.   It is generally considered bad form to use creature colorization on an unwilling participant, and due to the rarity of chromamancers skilled in this particular talent most follow this cultural guideline as it would be fairly easy to identify the offending caster anyway.  

Color Wash

Color washing removes all chromamancy cast on an object or individual and returns them to their previous color. To properly undo the effects the casting chromamancer must possess equal or superior chromatic knowledge and power to the individual who cast the original spell.
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Chromamancy is a more advanced Artisanal Magic requiring a caster with a very clear understanding and expectation of colors in order to properly understand and utilize the full breadth of the skill. Users of Threadmancy, Metalmancy, Leathermancy, and Arbormancy are typically taught basic principles for use in their craft with the assistance of dyes and chemicals.   Very few students dare to undertake the years of intense training required to unlock the full powers of chromamancy, in part due to the difficulty but also to a lack of understanding regarding the usefulness of such knowledge. Those who do complete the training display this proudly through colorshifting clothing and sometimes even hair or skin.   Due to the magic's requirement that the caster hold their desired colors and patterns within their mind this skill is also best avoided by those who are easily distracted. It is also particularly difficult to perfect for those suffering from colorblindness, although a rare few have beaten the odds.
The spells themselves are not particularly complex, but rather require an intense concentration to perform. No motions or words are required, simply an intense focus on the intended coloration and color designs of the target of the spells. As a result many caster's choose to close their eyes while casting in order to better visualize their intentions.
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