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Telekinetics describes the methods of moving objects or creatures with magic. While these spells have proven essential in traditional forms of travel such as airship and train the magic becomes unstable if cast through a portal. The Portal Exchange therefore still relies upon Portal Horses pulling traditional wheeled carts.


Telekinetics is split into two main classifications, with a focus on the directionality and Imperium-draw of the resultant spells.  


Levitation allows a mage to elevate an object or creature without additional supports. These spells do not cancel or reverse gravity, but rather provide a lifting force in balance with the downward gravitational pull. The height of the Levitation depends upon the caster's magical strength, their intended height, and the weight of the object or individual subjected to the levitation spell.   The Arcturian city of Deiniol provides the most notable example of levitation magic, through their use of Rune Magic to support the cliffs eroding out from beneath their city. Airships are a more commonly observed usage, especially as the levitation balance can be adjusted to raise or lower elevation.  

Directional Movement

Telekinetics can also be used to move objects, applying either a gravity-like force to the selected target to pull them in the desired direction, or a levitation-like force to push them. These spells follow the same principles of levitation but allow for the selection of a direction of movement as well, whereas Levitation mostly focuses on maintaining equilibrium along the direction of gravity's pull. Directional Movement therefore requires more Imperium and concentration than Levitation.  
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Telekinetics allows for thr comforts of travel across Fillimet via airship, train, and other traveling vehicles. More traditional means of locomotion such as Portal Horses must be used in Portal Travel, however, as Telekinetic spells tend to lose their directionality upon entering a portal, often to disastrous results.
Levitation remains a fairly straightforward form of magic. The direction is already locked and so the casting mage merely needs to determine the force and duration of their spellwork. Directional Magic, on the other hand, requires an exact directionality in addition to all other facts. Depending upon the required accuracy of the spell's results, a Directional spell could conceivably require hours of setup and preparation prior to casting, or it may only require several minutes more than a basic levitation spell.

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Apr 5, 2021 13:44 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like that the telekinetics is used in transportation. That's really interesting. :D

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Apr 7, 2021 13:35 by R. Dylon Elder

Ooooo very nice. I like that your magic can sometimes be remarkably specific. It would have to be in this case, I'd say. I imagine the inner workings of airships would be rather complicated and have a field of study all their own. This really does seem to strictly focus on lift and velocity through magic. It's simple, short and to the point. I like it. I'm curious why the portal cause things to be unstable. Is there some factor there I'm missing or possibly that is yet to be explained?

Apr 7, 2021 17:36 by Morgan Biscup

It's the nature of the portals, more than the directional magic. Portals basically break directionality by their very nature. You have directionality at the origin and the exit but the path in the middle is outside of the standard rules in that regard. The magic gets confused because itvs not just "I push in this direction," it requires you to know where you stand within the grid of things.   Traditional tech is immune to that because its reference point is the object it is attached to, and that doesn't change in the portal. So basically it's an issue of relative (traditional tech) versus absolute (magic) reference points, and the fact that nobody has sorted out how to translate between the two when portaling.   This is actually something I'll be digging into iny future-Fillimet world of Vazdimet once I finalize Fillimet's magics.

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Apr 7, 2021 18:02 by R. Dylon Elder

Ooooooo that's really cool! Also I didnt know there was a future fillimet. What is this tomfoolery. I must investigate!

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