Agrokinesis is the magic of plant manipulation. This includes everything from the growth of plants to their genetics and even their health. It also includes the manipulation of effects from poisons and curatives obtained from plants. Arbormancy is considered a subset of Agrokinesis in addition to being an Artisanal Magic.


Agrokinesis works on all plants as well as fungi, Algae, and Coral. Its skills are typically broken up into three categories.  

Growth Enhancement

This class of Agrokinesis is the most basic, directing the growth rate, strength, and shape of the targeted plant.   These skills will alter the growth of the plant in question but must still follow the basic patterns of that plant. Coral can be made to grow faster than usual but will still grow fairly slowly, while trees can be grown to much larger sizes but need to be able to support their own weight.   The plant must also continue to access the resources it requires for its altered state or it will die. For this reason most instructors stress the importance of root health and mass to their students, emphasizing the need to alter the roots as needed while using magical growth enhancements.  

Plant Health

A more advanced offshoot of growth enhancement, spells related to plant health encourage plant repair. They can also alter the growth rate of a plant to adjust for available nutrients and even change growth patterns to encourage the plant to expand in ways beneficial to its growth. This can also be used as a primitive form of Curative Magic.  


Agrokinesis genetics focus on altering the genetic makeup of a plant. These alterations can be made temporary or permanent, affecting all or only part of the plant, and unique to the plant itself or able to be passed genetically to its offspring. Alterations could be used to change coloration, growth rate, disease or bug resistance, flavoring, resource requirements, and even alchemical properties including the potency or effects of poisons or curatives obtained from the plant.
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While Agrokinesis can be used from anywhere it is strongest when near large varieties of plant life and weakest in barren areas. This is believed to be a result of the strength of the related magical fields from which Agrokinesis draws its power, as the power of these fields also tends to collect in the presence of more plant life.
Agrokinesis is an intricate magical art, requiring a deep understanding of plants and their growth when casting the highest levels of spellwork. The more familiar a caster becomes with a particular type of plant the more effective the spells they cast upon that plant. For this reason some Herbalists are also remarkably adept agrokeneticists.
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