First, the good news. I think we caught it in time, I should be able to cure your son.   However, due to the aggressive nature of this particular strain I will need to inject him with an altered form of the same microorganism, to boost my own Curative Magic. Suppressing his current infection won't be enough by itself, not even with my experience.   Unfortunately, this carries a risk. There is a small chance that the altered strain may also take on characteristics of the disease. This would accelerate it even further and I would not be able to save him.   It's highly unlikely that would happen, but given the risk I still need your permission to proceed.
Healer to distraught parents
  Biomicrokinesis is the magical manipulation of microorganisms. This includes everything from the growth rate of microorganisms to their genetics and even their health. It also includes the manipulation of effects and curatives from materials obtained from microorganisms, as well as the suppression of negative effects caused by microorganisms within an infected host.   Some scientists classify biomicrokinesis as a subset of Curative Magic rather than a direct subset of Nature Magic. This classification, however, overlooks the many non-medical uses of the technology. In fact, biomicrokinesis is most commonly utilized when baking bread and brewing beer.


Biomicrokinesis can be cast on any living microorganism, but is ineffective against viruses. The technology can be split into three separate sub-classes.  


This class of biomicrokinesis focuses on the manipulation of the microorganisms' genetic code. Unlike the plants and animals targeted by Agrokinesis and Zokinesis, microorganisms are so small and reproduce so quickly that genetic manipulations must be focused on entire groups of microorganisms rather than a single target. Surprisingly, this makes genetic biomicrokinesis easier than genetic manipulations in other fields.   Genetics also allows casters to identify microorganisms by types and their effects upon other living creatures, especially if the practicioner has encountered a similar strain.  

Yeast Manipulation

Biomicrokinesis is cast so frequently upon yeast that this use case developed into its own school of mastery. Baking breads and brewing beers require yeast, and most family recipes revolve around at least basic yeast manipulation. There are countless processes detailing the best ways to work magic upon yeast, each with their own distinct effects and flavors.  

Suppression and Enhancement

This classification is used most commonly by Healers, frequently in conjunction with Curative Magic. A well-trained biomicrokinesiologist can not only identify the strains of microorganisms within an individual but also suppress those causing sickness while enhancing others to help fight off the infection.
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Basic biomicrokinesis is fairly simple for the beginner due to the quick reproduction and relatively short reproductive cycle of the target microorganisms. But as easy as most find entry-level biomicrokinesis, safely casting on microorganisms inside another creature requires intense skills and concentrations, as even the smallest mistake could negatively impact the health of the microorganisms' host.
Applying biomicrokinesis to microorganisms within a living host is an extremely complex procedure requiring both caution and expertise throughout the entire process. The caster must maintain control of their spell for the duration, with frequent pauses to check the effects on both the microorganism colony and it's host. Even the best healers prefer to perform biomicrokinesis on the target microorganism before interting them into the subject's body, if possible, although the opportunity to do so is rare.
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Aug 2, 2020 13:57 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is such a fascinating article. I really like that it can be used for both healing disease and baking bread/brewing beer - and living stone too! :D

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Microbes are AMAZING. The ability to alter them to do their jobs better - or worse, if they're harmful - has so much power to it.

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