Ore Augur

Ore augers use Metalmancy to assist in metal mining operations, from locating new veins for excavation to refining the resulting ores. They also typically enchant the tools used by their fellow miners by adding runes to allow for faster and more effective operations.



Ore augers use metalmancy to assist in metal mining operations. They are most well known for their ability to sense ore veins, allowing miners to locate new locations and pathways to mine, but are able to provide additional services as well. Their ability to shape and strengthen metals allows them to provide strong supports for mining efforts at the sacrifice of some of the mined materials. They can also help purify mined ores or craft more precise alloys using the metals.


The original ore augers were simply highly prized miners with an innate sense of the basics of Metalmancy. As the technology of metalmancy was better identified and understood miners with this talent were recruited and trained by mining organizations, and eventually given their own specialized role of ore auger with its own tasks and responsibilities to best take advantage of their skills.



Ore augers typically keep a set of tools similar to their miners: a pickaxe, shovel, chisel, and hammer. Most also bring a Metalmancy Shield for use within the tunnels of the mine, prepared to deploy quickly to protect their team in case of a cave-in.


An ore auger can expect to spend a large portion of their employment underground in metal mines identifying ore veins and reinforcing the tunnels. Depending upon their employer ore purification and alloy manufacture may take place outside the mine or in a dedicated chamber in an abandoned part of the mine near the entrance.

Provided Services

Ore augers sense ore veins to mine, reinforce the tunnels using some of the mined materials, and purify the ores before potentially manufacturing them into alloys. Many will also enchant their tools and those of their mining team using Runes to allow for faster mining of the metals.   While they may have more unique roles depending upon the needs and workings of their specific mine these are their primary roles.

Dangers & Hazards

As with all tasks underground there is a danger of cave ins or oxygen deprivation. Ore augers can assist some with the first, as most carry a Metalmancy Shield to deploy around their mining team in case of collapse.
Raw Materials Gathering
Mining operations typically employ at least one ore auger per mining crew, in addition to a small crew for metal refinement.
Some governments actually require mines to employ a certain number of ore augers per miner as part of their safety regulations.
Other Associated professions
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