Fire Setter

Fire setters are the explosives experts of mining teams, breaking through tough rocks through the use of rapid heating and cooling to crack rock, or controlled explosive blasts when safety allows. They work in pairs, a master and apprentice, and are by necessity close-knit with their mining teams.



A fire setter requires expert level skills in both Pyromancy and Hydromancy. They must have especially fine control on their pyromancy skills due to the inherent dangers involved in controlling fire within enclosed spaces.   A knowledge of Geomancy can assist in locating the best locations for their blasts although typically the Miners themselves can assist with this. Anemancy can be useful to ventilate the mining tunnels and alleviate spoke although most fire setters are skilled enough to control their flames without allowing them to consume fuel aside from the caster's Imperium, thereby eliminating the risk of smoke. The most talented of pyromancers can even utilize heat alone, without the need of flames.



Fire setters break up tough rocks within mining operations to allow their Miners to access the desired ores and materials behind. Fire setters typically work in pairs as a master and apprentice, encouraging the transfer of knowledge and experience while increasing the chances a mining team will have a familiar fire setter available at all times.   In metal mines, when a fire setter requests a cautionary break from the mines due to concerns of their emotions explosively mixing with their Pyromancy they are sent to assist the Ore Augurs with ore refinement and alloy creation. The augers appreciate the fire setters' ready availability of Pyromancy to more easily heat their metals and Hydromancy to quench them, and their own Metalmancy skills allow them to easily compensate for any inconsistencies in the level of flames and occasional explosion.

Social Status

Fire setters are generally tough individuals, responsible for keeping their own Pyromancy powers in check for the safety of their crew during demolitions. It is precision work, especially due to the dangers involved, and therefore fire setters with strong records of safety and efficiency are highly prized by mining companies and admired by their mining peers.   Mining teams grow close to their fire setters, who typically remain with the same team throughout their career. Their team members learn to read their moods, stepping in when needed to keep their fire setters calm and centered enough to control their pyromancy.   Of note, there are no negative stigmas attached to a fire setter's emotional state. By necessity they are required to be open and honest with their team about their personal state of being, and their team recognizes the dangers if this honesty is not maintained. As a result many mining team members will actually seek out advice in private from their fire setters for suggestions on maintaining their own mental health when under duress.



Fire setters are crutial in the mining industry to break up tough rocks. For this reason all their work is performed deep in the mines, which are frequently underground although open pit mining is also a possibility.

Provided Services

Fire setters break up tough rocks to allow for easier mining. They generally apply Pyromancy to heat rocks through the application of magical fire or flames before rapidly cooling them through the application of Hydromancy, causing the rocks to fracture due to the rapid temperature changes.   When conditions allow pyromancers can also use pyromancy to trigger explosions, via holes chiseled into the rocks. Some fire setters will chisel their own holes but typically these are prepared by the Miners themselves and precisely located through Geomancy.

Dangers & Hazards

As typical when working underground the threat of a collapse is always a possibility. Fire setters are therefore accompanied by an Ore Augur when performing their duties, with Miners either present or nearby.   Smoke inhalation is also a possibility when working with fire in enclosed areas. The level of this risk is dependent upon the Pyromancy skills of the fire setter, with those less experienced holding a higher risk of accidentally allowing the fires to consume fuel. Fire setting is also avoided when possible in areas where the stones contain high carbon content, as a safety precaution.   In all cases where pyromancy is used, there is also the chance of accidental explosions. Fire setters obtain extensive training and undergo grueling testing to ensure they have the sufficient emotional awareness to perform their duties in a safe manner, but the risk is always present when dabbling in pyromancy, and fire setters at reputable mining operations are encouraged to speak up if they need some personal space or time off to safely perform their duties.
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Explosive Expert
Raw Materials Gathering
Mining Staple
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