Cryogenics is defined as the science of freezing things below 90 Absolute Degrees (AD) with the aid of a supercooled cryogenic liquid. These cryogenic liquids are typically gases at normal temperatures, and only become liquid at cold temperatures with some even requiring elevated pressures. This technology provided the foundation required to invent Cryonics, and is still popular to this day with the Fillimet Magical Archives, but has otherwise been largely replaced by the use of Hydromancy and Pyromancy which do not require specialized cryogenic fluids for their application.


While in theory Cryogenics holds many possible uses for scientific research, preservation, engineering applications, and even cold working of metal, most of these functions could also be obtained through the use of Hydromancy and Pyromancy without the additional requirements of obtaining cryogenic fluids. The science of Cryonics was directly developed from the known processes of Cryogenics, but it too tends to omit the need for cryogenic liquids in favor of Hydromancy.   The Martoka Archival Defense has used their access to Helium from the Mines of Martoka to develop advanced cold treatment methods for their weapons and equipment, resulting in stronger weapons than those forged with heat treatment. Rumors also claim the MAD harnesses Cryogenics to cool a complex series of deadly war machines, increasing their precision and deadliness in the process. Of the few foolish enough to assault the Archives none have returned to confirm whether or not these tales hold any truth.   Across most of Fillimet when Cryogenics are used the cryogenic fluids are most often cooled through Rune Magic, requiring an astronomical quantity of runes to power the devices as well as frequent maintenance. The Archives, on the other hand, strive to reduce their exposure to the Third Law of Magic by limiting their magic use to only those spells required to maintain the archive's contents. They have found a way to harness Lithaelexy to maintain the necessary cryogenic temperatures, since this magnetic school of magic is mysteriously immune to long term impacts from the Third Law.
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While the concepts of Cryogenics are simple enough, the actual application requires a great amount of energy, plus the appropriate liquefied gas for the desired cryogenic temperature. The Fillimet Magical Archives, with their active interests in limiting their own magic use, coupled with their easy access to Natural Gas and its byproducts Helium and Hydrogen, are the only group currently investigating the technology for use on an industrial scale.

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