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Tyrellium is a chemical element with the symbol Ty. It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and magical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure tyrellium has a blue-green pearlescent coloration.


Material Characteristics

Tyrellium is an easily malleable metal, typically appearing as a blue-green pearlescence on a dull silver base. Alloys utilizing tyrellium retain a slight pearlescent coloration in bright light but otherwise take on colorations more akin to the alloy metals.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Tyrellium is a fairly stable metal, easy to work with and highly malleable. It has the unique feature of conducting magic in addition to heat, allowing individuals to literally weave magic into items utilizing strands of Tyrellium. Alloys utilizing tyrellium retain these properties to a lesser extent, entirely dependent upon the level of included tyrellium. It oxidizes in humid air, developing a thin dull silver shell which does not have any noticeable effect on its properties.

Geology & Geography

Tyrellium is plentiful in the ground in countless locations across Fillimet, although the efforts to extract the metal are cost prohibitive in most cases outside of Rol'na. The metal is typically extracted using open pit mines. The resultant metals can then be refined if a higher tyrellium purity is desired.

History & Usage


Tyrellium can be used in its natural unrefined state, although its full properties will be dependent upon the other metals within the alloy. A purer form of tyrellium can be easily refined by grinding up the raw metal, heating it, and skimming the other metals off the top to leave the liquid tyrellium at the bottom. This method can also be used to construct more precise alloys if desired, where the percentages of each included metal are more carefully controlled.

Manufacturing & Products

High purity tyrellium is frequently crafted into metal threads for weaving, where the thickness and quantity of the threads included controls the conductivity of the resultant product. This is most readily seen in the inclusion of tyrellium in the weaving of Portal Silks.   The Tyrellium Crystal utilized at the Portal Exchange is another example of the utility of tyrellium. The alterations applied to tyrellium to create the crystal allow it to store data, track all linked portal silks, and even perform calculation to determine the properties of the existing portal silks in circulation.   The Fillimet Magical Archives also reportedly utilizes the metal in the controls of their airships as part of their efforts to avoid the use of unnecessary magic. The exact details of this use case are little understood outside of the FMA but it is believed the metal is somehow used in conjunction with the Natural Gas the FMA has found at the Mines of Martoka.

Reusability & Recycling

Tyrellium can be easily reused through processes similar to those used to refine the metal. As it is more cost effective to recycle tyrellium than to mine it most mined tyrellium is still in use.



Tyrellium is a stable elemental metal. It does not react to submersion with water, although it does oxidize with humid air by developing a thin dull silver shell. This can easily be removed and does not penetrate deeply into the metal. This oxidization layer is extremely thin and does not have any noticeable detrimental effect on the conductivity of the metal. As a result tyrellium is typically stored in ingots which are then melted or worked directly without additional refinement.


pearlescent blue-green with a dull silver base
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