tyrellium shielding

Tyrellium shielding harnesses Tyrellium's magic conductivity to disrupt the flow of magic through the shield, distributing most of the targeted magic through the shield's wiring and weakening its effects upon the intended target.   It was invented by Artur Goldaming to assist in his research into immortality, although his name has been expunged from all public records of achievement.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Tyrellium shielding can be used effectively to reduce the effects of incoming spells or sometimes even negate incoming magic entirely. When properly installed and grounded it conducts magic around the shielding while reducing or eliminating transmissions to the inside of the shield.   The Goldaming Estate boasts many magical experimentation labs wrapped with tyrellium shielding to reduce the chance of magical spells combining with spells in other labs or affecting items or creatures outside the lab where it is cast.   Tyrellium Shielding cannot block constant or slowly varying magical fields or effects, such as the effects of The Calamity. It also cannot disrupt enchantments on items although it can reduce the effective range of those enchantments if passing through tyrellium shielding.
Item type
Raw materials & Components
Tyrellium, either woven wires or solid sheets
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