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Vitriol Magic

The Magic of Ill Intent

Vitriol Magic, sometimes called Dark Magic, Vengeance Magic, or Malamancy, includes any magical spell cast with the intention to harm another for self personal gain.   The exact mechanics of how this works are still largely unknown, due in large part to The Calamity, the potentially devastating effects of its usage. The Goldaming Family does possess a compilation research into the intentional usage of Vitriol Magic, locked away in the well-guarded basement of the Great Library.  


At some point in history mages began to realize that certain spells cast in the quest for revenge became stronger that expected from that particular caster. This did not seem to be consistent across all revenge spellwork or even across spellwork from the same individual. Nonetheless it was frequent enough to prompt the term "Revenge Magic" to enter circulation as casters sought to identify the cause and harness this more powerful magic for themselves.   Around the same time magic users in the criminal underground noticed a separate but parallel trend, where spells cast by individuals to help them line their pockets with coin occasionally received a boost in effectiveness. The application of this added strength seemed random to the uninitiated but many believe a small close-knit guild of thieves known as the Brotherhood of Coin managed to determine they could guarantee the extra strength merely by focusing on their personal benefit from the heist or gloating at their target's downfall. It is also hypothesized that this is what led to the Brotherhood's sudden and complete disappearance in 3491 CFE, although others believe they may have simply run afoul of a particularly thorough revenge scheme from a victimized noble.   Those accustomed to success in their revenge schemes due to super-powered spells had also been undone by similar personality changes. Comparing the two groups of individuals led magical researchers to conclude the conditions to stem from the same cause, a malevolent force capable of latching on to ill intentions when casting spellwork, empowering the spells and slowly claiming the minds of the casters.   Vitriol Magic had finally been identified.
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Any caster's spell can tap into Vitriol Magic depending upon their thoughts and intents when casting the spell. The more malice behind the intent, the more Vitriol Magic will alter the spell.
Depending upon the caster it may be more difficult to attempt to avoid Vitriol Magic than to purposely cast it. Avoiding Vitriol Magic requires the caster to maintain kind or empathetic intentions for the spell throughout casting. Casting spells meant to harm others requires focusing on who is being protected by that same spell, for example.   Above all, the caster must avoid focusing on their personal benefits from performing the magic. The greater the caster's Focus on themselves, the greater the risk of inviting Malamancy into the spell and the greater effect of that Malamancy upon the spell being cast.   Of special note, Vitriol Magic does not respond to emotions, only the conscious or unconscious desire to harm others in some way for the benefit of the caster.
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Jan 28, 2020 15:20 by C. B. Ash

Oh very nice!   Now, has any assassins attempted to use this type of magic? Or just that one Thieves' Guild? It seems an assassin could take some advantage of this.   Also, as this affects (and sounds like it damages) the mind of the caster, is there a subsect of healers that know this type of magic exists ... and perhaps have theoretical magic that might act in opposition/protection from to this malevolent force that's mentioned?

Jan 28, 2020 17:47 by Morgan Biscup

Oh, I guarantee you some people use it intentionally. Assassins, certainly, and megalomaniacs - it's a bit of a power trip.   Also desperate people may intentionally tap into it, with great effort. If someone can protect their family by boosting their defense spells most would do so, even by shady means... But then that's a lot of effort to focus on your personal gain when really your intent is to save those you love. So difficult, but possible.   Regarding ways to counter... It's not understood well enough yet to have develop ways to counter it directly, although skilled healers may have ways to lessen the effects on the mind for those who haven't used it enough for the Calamity to begin impacting them. (Haven't written my mental magics yet). But they don't know how to stop the malevolent force itself or the Calamity it eventually causes to the land and creatures exposed too long to its effects. It's too dangerous to study, the only people who can get close are those who can't be affected by magic at all (or use it themselves).

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Jan 29, 2020 12:01 by C. B. Ash

Awesome! I look forward to reading about the mental magics! And this: "But then that's a lot of effort to focus on your personal gain when really your intent is to save those you love. So difficult, but possible." ... oh such a GREAT story could come from this. I bet it would be an awesome "cautionary tale"!

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