The art of geomancy requires great patience and determination, and in return grants its casters with a deep understanding of the ground around them and an ability to slowly shape it themselves. Those skilled in geomancy have learned the art of deep listening, not only for listening to the ground but also their environment at large, understanding the truths behind what they hear and observe.


Geomancers understand the earth and its components, dirts and dusts to rocks and mountains. With this personal attunement to the land and its depths a geomancer is capable of manipulating its shape or borrowing its strengths. They are not metalmancers although Metalmancy is a complimentary class of magic. Geomancy is generally a slow and steady process, although just like the ground itself a geomancer may obtain sudden results provided they have spent the time to build the proper framework.  


Geomancers can become one with the land, at least in spirit, sensing its tremors. A geomancer cannot cause an earthquake but they can use the deep listening required to groundsense in order to sense the stabilities and instabilities of the lands around them and therefore locate the stone that will cause an avalanche. This skill also allows them to prevent certain sudden destructive earth forces by sensing instabilities requiring correction.   Some disasters are not caused by the forces of the ground but rather forces deep within, such as a volcano preparing to erupt. A geomancer cannot prevent an eruption but they can sense the ground's inner pressures, allowing them to warn the inhabitants or even map out ways to alleviate that pressure by providing a different path through the ground.   Many geomancers have also learned to apply these same skills to creatures, utilizing deep listening to interpret the truth behind what they hear and observe. It is difficult to lie to a geomancer.  

Borrow Stability

Geomancers can also borrow from the stability of the mountains, allowing them to stand their ground in difficult situations. An individual with enough magical prowess and geomancy skills could even adopt the strength of the earth for themselves or others, temporarily covering their skin with living stone as a self defense, although individuals with the level of power and skill to do this safely are rare.  

Ground Motion

Geomancers can also manipulate the shape of the land, to a certain extent. As with most natural rearrangement of the land ground motion is a slow process, requiring persistence and patience. Sudden ground motion performed by a geomancer requires months of planning and gentle nudging first.
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The utilization of geomancy requires great patience and an ability to truly listen to the land. For this reason the skill is largely out of reach for those too impatient to await the results of their casting, or too important to listen to others.   Successful geomancers truly are down to earth and grounded in the most literal of ways.
Geomancy is not complicated, just slow. A geomancers must have focus and determination to utilize their skills for large scale projects as they will be required to return repeatedly to the task to add yet another nudge.
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