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Portal Travel allows for instantaneous travel between two points. Originally limited to use only within the magic community, the technology was made accessible to the general populace through the founding of The Portal Exchange. Portal Travel is the fastest method of travel available, and the safest way to jump planes.


Travel by portal allows an individual to depart one location and arrive almost instantly at their destination. This can be used for an individual to travel to a different location or as a means of transporting goods. It has also been used to transport armies in times of war, leading most nations to create anti-portal fields in key strategic and defensive locations within their borders. Directional magic, or magics sensitive to sudden changes in speed or acceleration, tend to react in unexpected ways if exposed to portal travel.  

Single Use Portals

Single use portals were the typical mode of portal travel prior to the Portal Exchange. These portals last for the duration of the casting only. They are not intended for frequent repeated use.  

Permanent Portals

Permanent portals are constructed using a sturdy Runed frame to sustain the magic upon casting. The spellwork required to open a permanent portal is more potent and complicated. Upon casting the runes in the frame maintain the portal, with periodic maintenance to ensure the runes remain aligned with the magical fields.


While standard single use portals require nothing aside from a magic user familiar with casting the spell, more permanent portals require the construction of a framework to house the portal. The size and materials of this framework are largely at the discretion of the caster, with the understanding that these choices do impact the size of the portal itself and the longevity of its lifespan.   The Portal Exchange is known to make their frames large enough to accommodate an overloaded cart, manufactured with sturdy woods or metals with Giftwood inlays to strengthen the magic, with periodic maintenance to ensure their stability and safety.
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Access & Availability
Travel by portal was well known in the magic community but largely unavailable to the public until Lai'na Starbit founded The Portal Exchange. Now portal travel is available to anyone for a small fee.   With the ease of accessibility, of course, also came some new discoveries as to the effects of frequent portal travel. As with all use of magic, prolonged exposure to its effects produces a change in the user dependent upon the types of magical fields encountered. In the case of portal magic the effects appear to be mainly superficial, with the excess exposure causing the impacted creatures to develop fantastical coloration and markings on their skin. This effect is strongest on the youngest and oldest within a population, and does not appear to be hereditary. The effects are more readily noticeable in the Rol'nara people and their Portal Horses due to their frequent exposures from supporting The Portal Exchange.
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