Nature Magic

Nature magics encompass all classes of magic allowing for the manipulation of biological systems within living creatures. Agrokinesis, Zokinesis, Biomicrokinesis, and Curative Magic all fall under this classification. Nature magic can be used to promote healing, alter genetics, adjust the effects of biologically produced reagents and poisons, or even cause harm to the subject.


Nature Magic is typically broken up across four classifications: Agrokinesis, Zokinesis, Biomicrokinesis, and Curative Magic. They each allow for manipulations to the inner workings of creatures through alterations made to different biological systems. Care must be taken when making alterations or the creature will succumb due to internal imbalances as its systems fail to synergize appropriately.  
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Access & Availability
Nature Magic requires training not only for the usage of the magic itself but also to understand the biology of the species to be treated to allow for the best application of that magic. For this reason the study of these magics, Zokinesis in particular, requires dedication and practice. This means most people will never become experts in these fields.   The magic itself, however, is readily available to any with the need, and the coin. Healers of some capacity are found in most towns and the larger cities tend to attract an assortment of Curative Magic and Zokinesis professionals, sometimes even employing them directly.   Practicioners of Agrokinesis are more prevalent in farming communities, and it is not uncommon for a band of farmers to pool their resources to maintain one full time. As the easiest of the three many farmers already understand the basics, passing lessons to the next generation as a matter of course.
Nature Magic is highly complex due to the nature of the things its affects. Living creatures, both plant and animal, maintain a delicate internal balance via their own biological systems. Practicioners 9f Nature Magic must understand and maintain this balance when casting their alterations, if they wish their subject to survive.

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