Zokinesis is the magic of animal manipulation. This includes everything from the growth of animals to their genetics and even their health. It also includes the manipulation of effects and curatives from materials obtained from animals.


Zokinesis works on all animals, including those who are Sapient. Its skills are typically broken up into two categories.  

Growth Enhancement

This class of Zokinesis is the most basic, directing the growth rate, strength, and sometimes even shape of the targeted creature. These skills will alter the growth of the creature in question but must still follow the basic patterns of that creature. For example, an animal may be made to grow much larger but must also be provided a skeletal structure capable of carrying the added weight as well as digestive enhancements to allow for the consumption and processing of enough food to handle its higher caloric requirements.   Failure to thrive occurs when the caster does not provide an animal with the alterations needed meet all the new requirements that would allow the creature to function in its altered state. For this reason most instructors stress the importance of biology to their students, emphasizing the need to understand the synergy and balance kept by the creature's current internal organs and processes prior to making alterations. Small changes at any one time are recommended rather than large ones all at once, and temporary alterations are recommended as a testing ground before any permanent spells are cast.  


Genetics allow for more control when crossbreeding, and for slight changes to traits already possessed by a creature. For example, sheep could be genetically adjusted to provide more wool or to change the traits of that wool, while a milk cow could produce milk of a different flavor. Genetic ailments could be consistently bred out of livestock with the finer controls Zokinesis provides, or a poisonous animal could be altered to produce the antivenom instead. Zokinesis could also be used to grow replacement organs for sick patients, or even grow replacements for lost limbs.   This can also be used as an advanced and highly targeted form of Curative Magic, for those with training in both skills. Genetics causing diseases can be directly targeted and altered, or the creature's immune system can be altered to provide greater power in fighting off a particular disease or ailment. Care must be taken not to upset the natural balances of processes within the body when using Zokinesis in this manner, and temporary alterations are recommended in cases where permanent changes are not required.
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Advanced Zokinesis requires years of study and guided practical application before it can be safely applied to living creatures. The skills can be used to completely rewrite an animal's genetics, or even that of a Sapient Species, requiring great care in its use. Too many things could go terribly wrong otherwise.
Zokinesis is a demanding magical art, requiring a deep understanding of animals and their internal functions when casting the highest levels of spellwork. The more familiar a caster becomes with a particular type of animal the more effective the spells they cast upon that variety of animal.
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