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Chronomancy is the magical manipulation of the passage of time. Its secrets are guarded by a select few, and new students to the arts are required to prove themselves long before they learn a single spell.


Chronomancy deals with the manipulation of the passage of time. Time is constantly changing, ticking forever forward, but a skilled chronomancer can adjust that passage to work in their favor.   Chronomancy is sorted into three classifications.  

Time Perception

This class does not change the actual progression of time, merely the subject's perception of that time. These spells only produce effects when cast upon living creatures and items, as inanimate objects do not perceive time in ways affected by the abilities.   While alterations to the perceptions of time can be useful for curses, practical jokes, and other such frivolity this category of spells is typically viewed as useless outside of academics. It is merely taught as an introduction to chronomancy, as it requires the same basic skills as time manipulation but for much less effort. Mistakes and miscasts are also much easier to correct when they merely alter perception. Students are required to completely master these spells before graduating to True Chronomancy.  

Time Manipulation

Also referred to as True Chronomancy, Time Manipulation allows the caster to actually alter the passage of time itself. The area of effect is determined by the caster, both from their intent as well as their capabilities as a mage. It can be used to slow time for everyone except target individuals, or it can be set to act only upon the intended target. This set of spellwork has also been referred to as an immortality spells as it can be used to slow down the aging process of an individual, although it cannot reverse aging that has already occurred.   These spells are highly potent due to the raw power required to constantly channel Imperium to maintain their effects. The power available to one who can adjust the passage of time to suit their own needs cannot be overstated, and those who can harness this power must learn to respect it.  

Time Travel

Time Travel is a much fabled capability of chronomancy. While many mages believe it should be possible according to the laws of chronomancy none have yet determined how to do so. Others argue that since time cannot be completely stopped, only slowed, the clock can never be turned backwards as the passage of time must be slowed to nothing before it can be made to go backwards. Still others state that if time traveling chronomancy were possible then society would know it were possible due to the presence of time travelers throughout present history.   As a result of these arguments the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery no longer approves funding for time traveling experiments, while the Goldaming Family will only permit them if the research has an additional, more feasible goal as well. Still, those fanatical about the possibility continue their pursuits, muttering about society's lack of vision.
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Chronomancy is a powerful tool. Those who understand its secrets are hesitant to teach them. A student must prove their worth, dedication, and skills to a potential instructor before they can hope to become an apprentice.
Time is the underlying framework of everything, and therefore its manipulation can send ripples far beyond the immediate intentions of the caster. Mistakes and carelessness carry heavy consequences, and the magic itself carries some randomness to its effects beyond the skills of the caster, no matter their skills. For this reason complex rituals have been developed as the normal processes for casting, not because the magic itself requires them but rather as reminders for the caster to define all required intentions while casting the spell.

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