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Interdimensional Magic

From Portal Travel to the creation of doorways to pocket dimensions, Interdimensional Magics involve the usage of portals and other doorways to cross space. They allow for nearly instant travel between locations provided the spellwork has been cast appropriately.


Interdimensional Magic includes all magics that cross space or dimensions, particularly when using portals. It is classed by usage.  

Portal Travel

Portal Travel allows the user to travel instantaneously from one point to another. Portals can be temporary for single use, or made permanent through the use of a sturdy runed framework and a more complex initial opening spell. If they are intended to work in both directions this must be specified in the spellwork at the time of casting.  

Dimensional Pockets

The creation of dimensional pockets allows for the creation of additional storage space within luggage or hidden living space within a small closet. These pockets are always anchored to a specific location or opening and can be set as always available within that opening or only available when certain conditions are met. They do require periodic maintenance to continue the link, and either runes to maintain the connection or a casting of a simple spell to reactivate the portal.  

Third Law of Magic

In accordance with the Third Law of Magic, magic changes those exposed to it. In the case of Interdimensional Magic, long term repeat travel through portals the effects appear to be mainly superficial, with the excess exposure causing the impacted creatures to develop fantastical coloration and markings on their skin. This effect is strongest on the youngest and oldest within a population, and does not appear to be hereditary. The effects are more readily noticeable in the Rol'nara people and their Portal Horses due to their frequent exposures from supporting the Portal Exchange.
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Access & Availability
With the founding of the Portal Exchange Portal Travel is readily accessible to anyone who can afford a Portal Token. Likewise, luggage with dimensional pockets is not difficult to find, although larger or more specialized dimensional pockets are more rare.
The larger the portal or dimensional pocket the more complicated the spell and the more Imperium required to cast it. Portals also require some level of precision work to ensure they are stable and link to their desired destination. Care must also be taken when casting a spell meant to work in both directions.   For these reasons only experts in Interdimensional Magic cast full fledged portals. Small dimensional planes such as that found in luggage are somewhat easier by comparison and provide useful practice for both casting and interdimensional runework.
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