Goldaming Family

The Goldaming family is the ruling family of Arcana, and also the only tax-paying citizens of the nation. They are an open-minded and multicultural family, spending their time pursuing magical understanding and expanding upon the uses of magic.


The family's priorities lie in the research and understanding of magic and its capabilities, pushing into the unknowns until those too become knowns. As a result they are not particularly picky about species, race, or other inconsequentials, not even requiring magical attunement since the lessons learned from Talija Goldaming's example, as long as an individual has at least an interest in magic.   As a result, the only requirement for membership is that an individual be an actual member of the Goldaming family. This could be through birth, formal adoption, or marriage. Those joining the family outside of birthright are required to hold some interest in furthering magical studies but today even individuals with Unattunable Disorder are recognized as bringing unique traits to the study and understanding of magic.   The Goldaming family therefore straddles all sentient species, even including a Feral Dragon at one point in history. Most marrying into the family adopt the last name Goldaming, gaining the benefits of membership in the process, and marriages of convenience to gain these rights are not uncommon.   Upon divorce an individual who married into the family may retain the name provided their former spouse approves and the couple was married for at least five years. In cases where the former spouse refuses an individual may also appeal to the Council of Elders for permission to retain the name. Due to these practice many Goldamings are not even directly related, and marriages between members of the family are fairly common.   Expulsion from the Goldaming family is rare but not unprecedented. Family members are required not only to further magical understandings but also to uphold the family name. Failure to do so results in confiscation of research notes, a removal of the individual's name from their recognized achievements, and disownment, frequently followed by execution for criminalized magic. This judgement is rare but not unprecedented, with the Soul Thief standing as the most notable example.   Interestingly the practice of dark magic is permissible and acceptable to the Goldamings, it is only cases involving the intentional harming of innocents, a failure to evaluate the true cost of a line of research, or interfering with the soul or afterlife of an unwilling subject that seem to draw the family's ire.

Public Agenda

The Goldaming family strives to further the study of the magical arts in all its many forms. This is generally accomplished through research, experimentation, practice, or travel, and most Goldamings do not hesitate to partner with individuals outside of the family when warranted.


The Council of Elders of the Goldaming family controls a vast deal of wealth consisting of a percentage tax on all funds acquired by a Goldaming through any means. The family will also frequently broker business deals with other individuals and organizations to further add funds to the coffers, assigning family members to fulfill these contracts.   The funds are used to run the day to day needs of Arcana, maintain its properties and buildings, and pay salaries for all employees both at the Goldaming Estate as well as Haven. The remaining funds are available as research grants for projects deemed worthy by the Council of Elders.

Research Partners

Many members of the Goldaming family actively participate within the SSED, and quite a few expeditions have been funded as a joint effort between the two research-hungry powerhouses.

Taskforce Member

The situation at Kogal Island is one that could arise anywhere Vitriol Magic is allowed to flourish. The knowledge on how to rehabilitate and cleanse any area overcome by Calamity is therefore of utmost importance, and we are pleased to throw our full support behind the Kogal Taskforce and its efforts.
Goldaming Council of Elders
  The Goldaming Family remains a staunch supporter of the Taskforce. They maintain a small team of dedicated representatives on the taskforce, including at least one Master Librarian who is responsible for drafting access queries for pertinent information from the restricted basement archives of the Great Library. They are also available for hands-on experimentation on the island itself, as their Unattunable Disorder also grants them immunity to Calamity.   As questions and new research avenues arise the Goldamings are also quick to augment their team with specialists, and Taskforce-related requests for access to restricted Library archives are always flagged as a priority.

Goldaming Government

The Council of Elders forms the official governing body of the Goldaming Family, determining everything from public relations to local laws to researching grants.

Defenders of Secrets

The Librarians serve to guard the most dangerous secrets in the Great Library from those who would misuse that knowledge. As a result they frequently clash with mages of the Goldaming Family desiring to circumvent official channels in their efforts to access the records.

Differences of Opinion

The Order believes the Goldaming family is working to single-handedly end the world. The Goldamings believe the Order are fanatical lunatics and not worthy of their time or attention.


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