Master Librarian

Master Librarian is a title awarded to the most effective Librarians. They are highly skilled in martial arts as well as negotiation, and have demonstrated strong personal ethics coupled with effectiveness under pressure.


Ranks within the Librarians are based upon skills and training, with promotions freely given to those who pass the requisite tests, and demotion for those who fail to maintain their requires skills. Librarians are tested not only on their martial prowess but also their reactions under pressure and their willingness to uphold the Charter.   Master Librarians have achieved the pinnacle of training and success within these trials, and continue to display peak performance in follow-on trials.


The Great Library houses the full magical knowledge of Arcana, including the notes and findings of many projects involving dangerous discoveries best left alone. The Librarians are tasked with defending this information from any unauthorized access, and the Master Librarians are those most skilled for the job.   In addition to their standard protective duties, Master Librarians also assist the Council of Elders by providing recommended responses to petitions for access the archives, and many serve as training instructors and mentors for the other Librarians.
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