Paitr Goldaming

Paitr Goldaming

The answers can't hide forever.
— Paitr Goldaming
  Paitr Goldaming charmed mages and commoners alike with his humility and remarkable talent. He held a particular fascination with Old Magic and dedicated his life to the quest of rediscovering the ancient art. These efforts resulted in a marriage to the Feral Dragon Xaladreth as well as the receipt of widespread acclaim as an expert in deciphering extinct languages.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Paitr learned a powerful spell for preserving books and manuscripts, courtesy of his Feral Dragon mate Xaladreth. He also provided the Goldaming Family with several carefully transcribed documents on Old Magic, copied from volumes in her collection and written in a long dead language. Efforts are still underway to translate the documents, but so far the documents have refused to give up their secrets.   Paitr also assisted greatly in various disagreements between Goldamings and less magically inclined individuals, helping his fellow mages understand the viewpoints and lifestyles of those less magically inclined. His efforts did much to further the Goldaming name and paved the way for the founding of Arcana.   Much to his chagrin, of course, he was best known as "that guy that married a dragon".

Morality & Philosophy

Paitr was a naturally attuned mage, easily learning any spell of particular interest to him or his studies. Unlike many of his fellow mages, however, Paitr never lost track of the fact that magic was a tool, not an answer. As a result he would sometimes develop non-magical solutions for various uses of magic, explaining that these tasks helped him better understand the magic.   As a result he kept his mind sharp, readily analyzing possible magical and non-magical solutions to challenges. This served him well in the mating challenges of Xaladreth, allowing him to best her feats of strength, intelligence, and devotion despite his standing as a non-dragon.   These traits also assisted in his more humanitarian efforts. In situations requiring a light touch to smoothing relations between trained mages and individuals without a strong background in magic. His natural attunement and clear magical skills quickly won favor and respect from the mages, while those with humble backgrounds eventually warmed up to the unassuming mage who laced his own tunic by hand every morning and was friends with a Dragon.

Personality Characteristics


Paitr had a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding of the magical arts and would go to great lengths to acquire this knowledge. He was especially interested in uncovering the secrets of Old Magic, long lost magical practices from an ancient civilization believed to have been much more potent than the magic used today.


Family Ties

Paitr was well respected by the Goldaming Family for his creative problem solving techniques when pursuing answers to magical conundrums.   He was also married, briefly, to the Feral Dragon Xaladreth. As is the way of Soulfire dragons their parting was a matter of convenience, not disagreement. Paitr continued to discuss magical matters with the ancient dragon and her offspring.

Hobbies & Pets

After acquiring copies of some of Xaladreth's tomes on Old Magic Paitr took up the study of ancient languages in the hope of one day translating the texts. These efforts were unsuccessful and the tomes remain indecipherable to this day, although his studies did assist the Fillimet Magical Archives in interpreting some ancient historical texts from before the memory of their records.



Spouse (Trivial)

Towards Paitr Goldaming



Paitr Goldaming

Spouse (Important)

Towards Xaladreth




In an effort to obtain access to her rumored collection of tomes on Old Magic, Paitr submitted himself to Xaladreth's courtship challenges. The ancient dragon was intrigued by the human who not only dared attempt her feats but actually completed them, and selected him as one of her mates after naming him Dragonkin.   Paitr was hopeful he could obtain knowledge from Xaladreth's vast library of collected tomes, particularly the volumes on Old Magic. While the ancient dragon did permit her unusual mate to review a few of the books, and even spend a year physically restoring some of the older volumes, the tomes were written in a long-dead language and thus retained their secrets.   Xaladreth would not reveal whether she already knew the contents of the books, merely informing him that some knowledge was too powerful for those unable to interpret it themselves. She did cheerfully teach him her own book preservation spells, advanced techniques which earned Paitr an honored place with the Fillimet Magical Archives and their full assistance in attempting to decipher the ancient languages of the Old Magic.   Paitr and Xaladreth's pairing lasted three years before Xaladreth grew tired of the taxations levied against her by the Goldaming Family and broke off the official relationship. As is the custom of most Soulfire pairings the break was amicable and the two kept in touch, sharing knowledge with the other's offspring as is customary.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
5603 CFE 5697 CFE 94 years old
Circumstances of Death
Paitr died of old age, surrounded by his friends and colleagues. His last words were a joke about finally learning the Old Magics before any of them.
Xaladreth (Spouse)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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