Unattunable Disorder

Those with Unattunable Disorder are unable to attune with the magical fields, even with the use of a Focus, and are completely immune to the effects of Imperium or any direct application of magic. The condition is genetic and permanent, requiring its victims to live a life separate from the use of or reliance upon magic that defines life within Fillimet.

Transmission & Vectors

Unattunable Disorder is a complex genetic disorder. While it does show some history within families via distant relatives the disease is so rare it is assumed that many different genetic factors must align before the disease will manifest itself in a newborn. There have been no reported cases of Unattunable Disorder among children with two Naturally Attuned parents, leading to the hypothesis that an individual suffering from Unattunable Disorder likely has a complete absence of all magical attunement genes.


While Unattunable Disorder does not have any direct effects upon an individual those suffering from the disease are completely immune to the effects of any magic cast upon them. This frequently has an impact upon their health as they cannot be treated with traditional health care methods. It also has a direct impact upon their way of life due to their inability to utilize many modern conveniences or use techniques such as Portal Travel.   They can experience physical effects of some magical items, and so can utilize technologies such as the circulator since its spellwork impacts the surrounding air rather than the person. The Unattunable must be careful not to handle magical objects too frequently, however, as their disconnection from the magical fields also disrupts those fields, and therefore weakens the enchantments upon nearby objects. While more robust enchantments can eventually recharge once their connection with the magical fields is fully restored all effected spellwork will require more frequent maintenance.   As the Unattunable are immune to all direct magical use they are also immune to all effects from contact with Imperium. This also renders them immune to diseases such as Hallucinatory Derangement, which are cased due to prolonged contact with Imperium, as well as to events such as The Calamity, caused by prolonged exposure to strong magical fields. Interestingly, they are still fully capable of utilizing Lithaelexy, the only magic which does not require Imperium when harnessing its effects.


There are no treatment options to change or reduce the effects for Unattunable Disorder. Those afflicted with the disease must rely upon non-magical means for their health and well-being, utilizing herbal remedies and minimizing their personal contact with any magical conveniences.

Cultural Reception

Magic is such an integral part of life in Fillimet and its planes, and therefore those with no connection to Imperium or the magical fields are generally regarded with pity by the inhabitants of Fillimet. They are difficult to heal when injured, require assistance when installing most technologies due to their heavy usage of magic, and generally live at the outside of society as a result.   Some have found successful careers in cleaning up areas exposed to excessive magical usage due to their own immunity to its effects. Others turn to thievery due to their immunity to magical barriers, although this has also led to a stigma on those suffering from the disease. The Fillimet Magical Archives does employ the occasional Unattunable for use in defense, and The Goldaming Family has followed suit in housing some Unattunable at Arcana for defense or for safety purposes in certain experiments on The Goldaming Estate.   Many of the Unattunable have difficulty adjusting to the stigma upon the condition, in spite of its acceptance in some highly specialized careers and situations. As a result many with Unattunable Disorder seek to live isolated existences, many times within magically diseased areas where the normal population fears to tread.
Chronic, Congenital

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