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Soulfire Feral Dragons value intelligence over all else. They are great patrons and thieves of the arts, viewing creativity as a window into the inner workings of the mind.   They have on occasion recognized non-dragon individuals as equals in intelligence, awarding these respected few the title of Dragonkin as a badge of their standing and rights with the Soulfire.


Beauty Ideals

Soulfire dragons are attracted to intelligence and creativity. They believe an individual's mind is their greatest possession and surround themselves with others who will challenge and expand their knowledge and understanding.

Gender Ideals

Soulfire are a matriarchal society, with the females as the center of the home. Females are the foundation of their society, maintaining their communal groups and raising their young. The males assist with gathering food and enforcing the laws of their community. Both genders protect their homes and their young, with the males taking a more aggressive role and the females a defensive one.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship typically involves the males performing a feat of strength, a feat of devotion, and a feat of intelligence. These challenges are devised by the female to test the male's intelligence, wit, and critical thinking. Females Soulfire are notoriously picky, with some rejecting all suitors. Others select multiples if several males pass her trials. All selected males assist in raising the female's offspring, as the ability to pass on one's knowledge through raising a child is considered a great honor.

Relationship Ideals

Soulfire dragons are loyal and pragmatic. They have been known to mate for life upon occasion but typically select new partners when they feel they have learned all they can from their current mate. There are no hard feelings in this arrangement and both dragons continue to assist with the other's children even as their new partners adopt the same role. As a result Soulfire communities tend to remain fairly close knit as most dragons within the community are adopted relatives of some kind.
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