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The Librarians

... It is for this purpose the Council institutes an Order of Librarians to oversee the defense of the Basement from unauthorized access by even the most powerful mages. Only those with Unattunable Disorder may be enlisted as a Guardian of the Library, to ensure their full immunity against the mages of Arcana. Each Librarian must attain elite status in the martial arts...
— excerpt, Charter of the Order of Librarians
  This elite military force stands between the most dangerous magical knowledge archive in Fillimet and the mages who would unleash this knowledge upon the world. These Unattunable martial experts are authorized to use deadly force to ensure only mages who have successfully petitioned the Goldaming Elder Council may access the Basement of the Great Library.


I'm afraid you will have to take that up with the rest of the council, Sir. My orders are to prevent all unauthorized access. Even yours.
— Librarian
  The Librarians report directly to the Council of Elders, requiring a Consensus within the Council before accepting any direct orders or changes to their charter. This is to prevent any unauthorized access to the Basement, even on behalf of a member of the Council.   Ranks within the Librarians are based upon skills and training, with promotions freely given to those who pass the requisite tests. Librarians are tested not only on their martial prowess but also their reactions under pressure and their willingness to uphold the Charter. Master Librarians have achieved the pinnacle of training but must still pass regular trials to ensure they remain at peak performance.

Public Agenda

The Librarians guard the forbidden knowledge in the Basement of the Great Library against theft or research from unauthorized mages. Those wishing to view the information contained within must obtain the necessary permissions from the Council of Elders, with additional authorization required if intending to cast any spells within the dedicated research rooms of the Basement. Copies are prohibited, and no volumes are permitted to leave the Basement for any reason.  
In case of intrusion the Librarians are authorized to use any force necessary to defend the records enclosed. While the Goldaming Family prioritizes the furthering of magical study and research they also recognize that the knowledge within the Basement would be catastrophic in the wrong hands.   Librarians are therefore instructed to attempt to stop the intruders first, through lethal force if necessary. If all else fails, they are to destroy the books themselves rather than risk releasing their evils into the world.
Government, Law Enforcement
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members
Goldaming Family
Organization | Oct 4, 2020

The Goldaming family is the ruling family of Arcana, and also the only tax-paying citizens of the nation. They are an open-minded and multicultural family, spending their time pursuing magical understanding and expanding upon the uses of magic.

Great Library
Building / Landmark | Dec 5, 2020

The Great Library houses all known magical knowledge of the Goldaming Family, including research and experimentation notes. The records are magically preserved for posterity and available for review by any Goldaming or apprentice.

Corollary Members

If you are working with dangerous magics, remember to ask your local Librarians for help.
  As the largest organization of professionals exhibiting Unattunable Disorder, the Librarians have proven an asset to the Taskforce. Only the Unattunable may safely remain on Kogal Island for an extended period of time, allowing them to arrange equipment or other key items for large or complex experimentation upon the island.   The Taskforce is only officially assigned one Master Librarian at a time, although multiple Librarians in training may be found on site.

Close Coordinators

The Council of Elders remains the only body of mages able to override the Librarians and dictate their actions, although even they know to carefully weigh the Librarians' recommendations into their final ruling. The two organizations maintain close ties as a result.

Defenders of Secrets

The Librarians serve to guard the most dangerous secrets in the Great Library from those who would misuse that knowledge. As a result they frequently clash with mages of the Goldaming Family desiring to circumvent official channels in their efforts to access the records.


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