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Tyrellium Crystal

The Tyrellium Crystal was magically formed by altering the physical properties of the metal Tyrellium. It resides at The Portal Exchange and serves as a record of all Portal Silks in circulation. A Silk's validity is confirmed by verifying its link to the Tyrellium Crystal.

Manufacturing process

The process to cause Tyrellium Crystalization is a closely guarded secret, known only to select few of the Goldaming Family.


The Tyrellium Crystal is crutial to the usage of Portal Silks. Each Silk is magically linked to the Crystal prior to its release into circulation. This link verifies the Silk as genuine, and also stores location data for each Silk when it is linked to the Crystal and if the Silk is destroyed. The Crystal tracks the total quantity and value of all Silks in circulation.   As a security precaution this link to each Silk is severed in the event the Tyrellium Crystal is removed from its location at The Portal Exchange, marking all Silks as counterfeit.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
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Raw materials & Components
Tyrellium, magically altered into Crystalline Tyrellium.
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