Herbs are Healing Movement

Equality for Herbalists! Herbalists are Healers too!

Public Agenda

The Herbs are Healing Movement believes that Herbalists deserve prestige equal to that awarded to the magical Healers. The activists within the movement point to the effectiveness of herbs to heal and manage pain just as well as with magical means, plus their abilities in some cases to prevent certain ailments all together. The movement does not wish to supplant the acceptance of healers, but merely wishes for recognition of both professions as equals with their own strengths and credibility.

Herbs are Healing

Political, Activist
Alternative Names
Notable Members

Monetary Donor

The Order of Abstention is a rabid supporter of the Herbs are Healing Movement, touting the organization as a shining example of what can be done without the curse of magic. The HHM, for their part, do their best to separate themselves from the Order's fringe beliefs without disrupting the Order's monetary gifts.

Research Partners

The FMA is an avid supporter of the HHM, financially supporting their cause in exchange for any proven remedies and medicinal treatments developed and proven by the members of the HHM. Due to the large magical footprint of the Archives required to protect their library, the FMA is eager to support the development of any mundane methods to sustain the needs of its employees and local residents.

Taskforce Member

If magic caused the problem, it is logical to hypothesize that non-magical means can help solve it.
  Though small in number, the members of the Herbs are Healing Movement maintain big dreams in solving problems through the use of natural remedies. They do not maintain a regular physical presence at Taskforce headquarters but frequently send plants via Portal Travel and Airship for use in experimentation upon the island. Most recently, the Taskforce Librarians have planted a large colony of the Imperium-consuming Imperial Night Rose. Their intent is to determine the effect of the Calamity upon the roses, and the roses' effects on the magical corruption of their environment.

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