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Northwood Hospital

The Church of the Heathen Prophet reluctantly permits the Hidden Flame commune running the hospital to remain in the area due to the invaluable free medical services it provides, as the hospital has also attracted visitors to the town.

Purpose / Function

The Northwood Hospital is a free medical facility run by a local commune of the Followers of the Hidden Flame.


Originally a chapel, the building was expanded and converted to a hospital to combat a particularly prolific epidemic.


Originally an abandoned chapel taken over by the Followers of the Hidden Flame, the building became a hospital in response to a particularly hostile winter where many residents of Northwood became deathly ill. The Giftwood Loggers donated some lumber while relatives of the sick donated their own labors to erect an additional building to accommodate all those in need.   After the epidemic subsided the Embers of the commune decided to retain the hospital and expand their services. As a result the hospital has become a major fixture in the town and is fully supported by the locals.
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