Order of Abstention

The Order of Abstention is an activist movement against the usage of all magic for any reason. Due to their fanatical beliefs they are also an originator or heavy distributor of many conspiracy theories regarding the evils of using magic. This results in many individuals distrusting in harmless magical practices, but also the slowdown of genuine warnings of more sinister magical events as they are frequently discarded as inventions of the Order.

Public Agenda

The Order of Abstention believes the use of magic is a curse and a crutch to be avoided at all costs. It points to some of the more severe results of the Third Law of Magic, such as The Calamity, as proof of their cause. The Order pushes for everyone to cease all magical activities for any reason, including healing magic and even portal travel. This portal travel ban does not seem to apply to the leadership of the Order who still utilize the Portal Exchange, citing it as a necessary evil in spreading their messages and agenda.

Magic is a mask, to hide the truth and keep us weak.

Political, Activist

Monetary Donor

The Order of Abstention is a rabid supporter of the Herbs are Healing Movement, touting the organization as a shining example of what can be done without the curse of magic. The HHM, for their part, do their best to separate themselves from the Order's fringe beliefs without disrupting the Order's monetary gifts.

Differences of Opinion

The Order believes the Goldaming family is working to single-handedly end the world. The Goldamings believe the Order are fanatical lunatics and not worthy of their time or attention.

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