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Fillimet Magical Archives

The FMA has been collecting and protecting historical works and records on any and all topics for millennia, storing them in the archive-friendly Mines of Martoka to defend them from corruptions from any source. The organization believes that knowledge is the most valuable commodity and that by storing the knowledge of the ages they can provide immortality to the world.   Members of the FMA must have at least rudimentary magical abilities and training, as well as a strong thirst for knowledge. Those more in tune with powerful magic are enlisted into the Martoka Archival Defense to help protect the Collections. Those with the heart of an adventurer seek new documents and items to add to the Collections.   To an Archivist the Collections are everything, and more precious than life itself. Provided, of course, that there are those with an interest to use the knowledge contained in the Collections to rebuild and recover after the latest disaster.

Public Agenda

The Fillimet Magical Archives strives to record and safely store the records of Fillimet, making them available for study to future generations. The organization mainly caters to those in the magic communities, but their archives are open to any who arrive on their shores seeking knowledge, for the right price.


The Fillimet Magical Archives own the entire sum of known knowledge.

Those who forget history have never seen our Collections.

Founding Date
Educational, Library
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The Great Archivists
Subsidiary Organizations
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Scientific Allies

The FMA is an avid financial supporter of the SSED, assisting in the funding of assorted expeditions in exchange for the prompt delivery of any and all documents detailing the discoveries of the Society.

Research Partners

The FMA is an avid supporter of the HHM, financially supporting their cause in exchange for any proven remedies and medicinal treatments developed and proven by the members of the HHM. Due to the large magical footprint of the Archives required to protect their library, the FMA is eager to support the development of any mundane methods to sustain the needs of its employees and local residents.

Record Keepers

The most critical task in any effort is the task of maintaining accurate records for posterity.
  While not an official member of the Taskforce, the FMA has nonetheless claimed the role of record keeper. The SSED regularly provides full updates on all discoveries to the FMA, after each report has been reviewed by the Librarians for potentially dangerous magical details.

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