Responsible for the health and well-being of their community, healers and their magical remedies are well respected across Fillimet. A well-known healer can bring in extra commerce and tourism due to travelers adding that town to their route as a precaution, or the ill taking a pilgrimage to the town in the hope of better miracles. As a result healers are frequently provided a stipend from the local government as enticement.


Career Progression

Healers typically begin their career as an apprentice to another healer. The more skilled the master healer the more opportunities will present themselves for the apprentice upon completion of their training.

Payment & Reimbursement

Patients are expected to pay healers for their attention and magical cures. Many also receive a stipend from the local government in exchange for setting up a clinic in the town.



Healers tend to the sick and injured within the community, curing their ailments through magical means.

Social Status

A healer is well regarded for both their magical skills and their value to the community. Most towns consider a healer or several an absolute necessity for a successful town, and as a result many local governments will provide stipends to healers who set up clinics within town.



In addition to learning Curative Magic a healer is encouraged to pursue additional fields of magical study and apply these skills to their healing efforts as well. For example an individual with advanced knowledge of Hydromancy can manipulate a patient's blood to reduce internal bleeding, perform emergency dialysis of blood or other bodily fluids, or help reverse the effects of hypothermia, hyperthermia, or dehydration. Meanwhile a healer skilled in Threadmancy could temporarily bind internal wounds to hold them in place before applying curative magic to bind them shut. Electromancy can restart a stopped heart or even help regulate an erratic one. Creativity is encouraged to develop new treatments in tricky situations   Some healers are also beginning to expand this creativity beyond the use of other classes of magic, recognizing the advantages posed for their patients' recoveries by including an Herbalist's assistance.

Provided Services

Sick and injured individuals seek the magical attentions of healers to regain their health. The best healers can also regrow limbs or even bring an individual back from the point of death. Some healers also employ an Herbalist to improve recovery times or assist with pain management.   While most healers focus on healing only people their talents can be applied to any creature. In wealthier cities or towns with a heavy reliance on livestock it is not uncommon to find a healer focusing solely on healing animals. As this service is considered a luxury they tend to be more expensive.
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