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Natural Gas

Natural gas is a naturally existing flammable gas, useful for sustaining a flame for heating, cooking, or lighting.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Natural gas is most commonly found in a gaseous or liquid state depending upon the temperature and pressure. It is highly flammable, which has led to its usage for heating, lighting, and cooking due to its ease at sustaining a flame when released at a controlled rate.

Geology & Geography

Natural gas is extracted from the ground. Its best known source is at the Mines of Martoka, where it is extracted in small quantities along with the Salt.

History & Usage


Natural gas was first discovered at the Mines of Martoka, when efforts to expand the salt mines resulted in the discovery and subsequent explosion of a trapped pocket of the gas. Since then the Mines have begun minor operations to obtain a quantity of the gas the support their energy needs to decrease their reliance on magic.

Everyday use

Natural gas is most commonly used to provide light or heat, through the burning of the gas. It has also been found as a useful and effective heating method for cooking. Due to the prevalence of magic across Fillimet, however, the utilization of natural gas is relatively uncommon.   Yet in other sectors its lack of magical properties is precisely the reason it has been growing in popularity among certain circles. The Fillimet Magical Archives stationed at the Mines of Martoka, for example, relies upon natural gas for heating, cooking, lighting, and any other conceivable uses that could alleviate their reliance upon magic. The usage of additional magic for daily life has been disallowed, to reduce the speed of magic-induced alterations to the island per the Third Law of Magic due to the large volume of warding and preservation spells cast upon the Archives.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Natural gas is growing in popularity among those wishing to reduce or eliminate their reliance upon magic. Natural gas has been determined as better for the environment in locations already heavily reliant upon magical fields, such as the Fillimet Magical Archives, as natural gas does not warp its surroundings over time as caused by ong-term exposure to magical fields. Other groups, such as the Order of Abstention, believe the usage of magic is an affront to nature to be avoided at all costs, and therefore readily accept the usage of natural gas in its place where possible.


Natural gas is typically found mixed with impurities such as water and helium. As a result it is typically processed to purify the gas, and in cases where transport is required it can also be compressed and cooled into liquid form. Many of the byproducts of this refinement can also be used.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Helium is the most useful of the byproducts that can be recovered from the refinement of natural gas.


Natural gas is highly flammable, and so care must be taken not to expose the gas to sparks. Its natural deposits are also held at a high pressure, so care must be taken when drilling and mining to account for this pressure.

Environmental Impact

While the burning of natural gas does release potential toxins into the air it has been deemed as safer than the use of the magic in areas already inundated with heavy magical fields.



Natural gas must be stored in pressurized tanks and can also be transported in specialized piping.
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