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Draconic Book Preservation

Draconic Book Preservation refers to a number of advanced methods to restore damaged documents as well as preventative treatments to protect against future damage. These skills were taught to Paitr Goldaming by the esteemed Xaladreth, an exchange of knowledge gifted as a sign of respect from the revered Soulfire matriarch.   While many methods of book preservation and repair were already known and utilized at the time of this discovery, the draconic methods far outpaced them in terms of specialization and effectiveness. As a result the draconic methods quickly became the gold standard in the book restoration and preservation industry.


Draconic Book Preservation extends the life of books and other paper-based materials, potentially maintaining them in pristine condition depending upon when the protections are made and how often they are reapplied. Book preservation will not protect books from careless handling, but it can slow and sometimes even reverse the effects of aging and normal wear on the texts.   While low level magic is used in the initial application and in subsequent renewal sessions at regular intervals, the preservation process does not require regular channeling of any magical abilities. Once the preservation is applied it will last for months to decades depending upon the storage conditions of the book and handling precautions when interacting with the text.  

Preventative Preservation

The most basic form of book preservation, preventative applications of specialized alchemical concoctions can protect documents from harm. Simple preventative materials are used to deacidify, reinforce, or even waterproof pages. Many of these are available in spray form from the local Chemist for use by hobbyists on their own personal documents, with no expertise required.   More advanced preventative methods include the application of thin outer coverings for each page which dissolve into a clear protective barrier against the wear and tear of use. These frequently include basic Shielding Magic or even Threadmancy spells to strengthen the barriers upon application. As a result these techniques require more skill and practice to perfect, but are still available to the determined hobbyist.  

Basic Restoration

While standard restoration methods were already available for use, the methods utilized by the feral dragons have led to the discovery of longer-lasting restoration results. Whereas before a simple use of Threadmancy or Leathermancy would allow for easier restitching of bindings, the dragons had actually developed threadmancy and leathermancy spells specific to book bindings and covers, with metalmancy spells unique to guiding gold leaf to its proper locations on gilded covers. The dragons had even developed threadmancy spells to work with the pages themselves, with an Arbormancy varient for wood-based paper.   As a result of these highly specialized book spells the time and coordination required for basic restorations is greatly reduced when compared to prior methods, although the training required to master each technique has resulted in lengthy apprenticeship requirements.  

Advanced Restoration

Prior to the availability of draconic book preservation methods it was assumed that severely damaged books were beyond repair, the information contained lost to history. This is no longer the case, although the restoration process is time consuming and Imperium-intense, not to mention a high level of skill required. As a result the Antiquarian Conservators capable of performing these feats are highly valued in academic circles, with large waiting lists for their services.   The process itself involves a clever use of Chronomancy and Divination, requiring an advanced expertise in both to the point of channeling spells from both classes simultaneously. For some reason the mixture of spellwork only works when channeled simultaneously by a single individual, as if the dual casting causes the spells to mingle in new and useful ways. By balancing the Memory Recall spellwork of Divination against advanced Chronomancy spells of Time Manipulation, the target document almost appears to age backwards into a more pristine copy.   The effects are unfortunately temporary unless additional preventative and restorative measures are taken, requiring a second individual to work to restore the text while the first continues channeling. Often this individual is apprenticed to the Antiquarian Conservator. Large texts may require months of delicate efforts due to the large Imperium drain from dual-channeling highly advanced spells.


Paitr Goldaming is credited with teaching draconic book preservation techniques to the world. This discovery earned Paitr an honored place with the Fillimet Magical Archives and their full assistance in attempting to decipher the ancient languages of the Ancient Magic.   Paitr in turn learned the skills from Xaladreth, who had refused to teach him the ways of Ancient Magic but was more than happy to pass on the knowledge in the hope their use would eventually assist her offspring in their draconic quests of knowledge hoards. The original history of draconic book preservation remains lost to the ages. The feral dragons may know more, but they have been uninterested in sharing that information.
Access & Availability
When used to rehabilitate damaged books and documents draconic book preservation requires a degree of skill in the handling of antiquities and fragile books. The processes themselves are commonly available, courtesy of the Goldaming Family and their recognition of the value of Paitr Goldaming's discovery and their subsequent efforts to spread the knowledge upon verification of its effectiveness.
The bulk of preservation processes would have eventually been discovered by Alchemists and magic practicioners through their relentless experimentation, and indeed some draconic methods are simply a more refined version of already-discovered options. The draconic methods for more advanced methods to rehabilitate severely damaged manuscripts however requires a very clever use of Divination and Chronomancy, clearly either the results of centuries of experimentation or a rather fortunate mistake.

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