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Waste Management Worker

All hail the humble Bo'riv
Who cleans up after their neighbors
Bringing purpose to discarded things
And guarding the homeland's beauty   May we all live to their example
Caring for our communities
Encouraging the Changes of Kambiara
With rough hands and happy hearts
— Ode to the Waste Collectors of Rol'na
  Waste management workers use their Materials Reclamation expertise to beautify the world, processing and recycling the discarded trash of others one shift at a time.


Career Progression

All waste management workers begin as waste collector, retrieving the trash discarded by their communities and transporting it to their reclamation plant for further sorting and treatment. They are also expected to assist in the various Materials Reclamation roles at the facility as needed, to develop a basic understanding of the processes involved. Any employee in waste management therefore possesses the basic knowledge required to assist any department within the facility in some capacity, and even the most specialized expert may be requested to step in to assist with any task if one branch of the reclamation process becomes overwhelmed.   Once a worker has fulfilled their company's minimum required tenure they are given the opportunity to specialize in one of the many required specialized roles within the process. Not all workers choose to specialize, with some finding more fulfillment in their role as waste collector and the regular variety of tasks they encounter daily within that role. For those who do choose a specialization, more training is provided by the organization to help the individual perform their duties.  


Reweavers specialize in the collection and rehabilitation of fabrics and threads. Those with this specialization are provided with advanced training in the applicable spells of Threadmancy, as well as detailed information on textile technology and the recognition of different types and qualities of fabric materials. Reweavers are responsible for sorting threads based upon estimated value, and reducing the higher value materials into clean threads or yarns for resale and reuse.  


Oremen are trained in Metallurgy and Metalmancy. They are responsible for refining all metals and classifying them by their material or alloy composition.  


Composers monitor the composting efforts of the reclamation plant, maintaining conditions to allow for accelerated composting, and monitoring the resultant soils for possible contaminants. As a result they are trained in Anemancy to help control air flow, and Agrokinesis to encourage the growth of helpful composting aids such as fungi. Larger facilities may also train a select few employees in Biomicrokinesis, entrusting them with maintaining and even improving upon their own composting bacteria.



Waste management workers are responsible for collecting and dispositioning the waste discarded by their local communities. The trash collected is then processed using Materials Reclamation technologies in an effort to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Those who work in waste management are therefore critical in the health and well being of their communities, as well as reducing the impacts of the people of Fillimet upon their surrounding ecosystem.

Social Status

The social status of waste management workers vary widely across Fillimet, depending upon their ethnic and religious beliefs. Ranging from religious leaders to criminals under rehabilitation, a sampling of these beliefs are included below.  

Plane of Fillimet

Across Fillimet itself employment as a waste management worker is considered a respectable entry-level job for those who seek a higher education but cannot afford one directly. The vast array of magical skills required in the field allows an individual to choose their own field of interest to them pursue further in their own time with help from the funds received in their work. Many of the more community minded reclamation facilities further encourage this mentality by offering further educational opportunities to their employees through local partnerships. Many community leaders and magic experts proudly discuss their time spent in waste management, particularly the lessons they learned from the job and their coworkers during their tenure.  

Plane of Rol'na

The Rol'nara call their waste management workers Bo'riv, which loosely translates as "Defender of Health" or "Guardian of the Land's Beauty." In their sociocentric lifestyle those who serve the needs of society are viewed as pillars of the community, and the Bok'riv with their dual role maintaining the cleanliness of neighborhoods and the plane of Rol'na itself are no exception. Materials Reclamation is difficult work, and therefore those willing to undertake these essential tasks are role models that others strive to emulate and support.  

Followers of the Three Songs

The Singing Faithful value the balance between life and death, permanence and change. The reclamation process causes changes which give new life to the discarded refuse, adding a religious component to the process and therefore a holy reverence to the workers. Some reclamation facilities even serve as temples to the Goddess Kambiara of the Three Songs, its employees recognized officially as Melodies of Kambiara by the Singing Faithful. These reclamation temples pour any excess profits into their local communities to serve those in need.  

Plane of Jannada

The Jannadans believe unnecessary waste is an affront to nature and an insult to their community. Each individual is tasked with reducing their personal waste footprint, and thus waste management services are less necessary on a societal level. For the waste that is produced, those convicted of crimes are frequently sentenced to serve as reclamation workers, termed "The Repentent," as punishment for their crimes. The Jannadans believe that as The Repentent work to rehabilitate the embarrassing waste of society into something useful, so too do they rehabilitate themselves for forgiveness from that society. Just as the results of their reclamation efforts are accepted with no stigma placed on what it was before, so too are The Repentent accepted back into The People upon completion of their penance.



When not collecting trash for processing or transporting sorted refuse to other plants for further processing, waste management employees work on site at the reclamation facility. As a side effect to the nature of the work these facilities tend to contain an unusual array of less than pleasant smells, although composers will typically use their Anemancy to maintain fresh airflow for themselves and their coworkers.
Alternative Names
waste collector, refuseman, Bo'riv, Melody of Kambiara, The Repentent, reweaver, oreman, composer
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