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Miners toil within the mines to retrieve the desired ores and minerals from within. They utilize Geomancy to locate weaknesses within the rocks to allow for efficient mining, and are constantly monitoring the stability of the ground around them in anticipation of cave ins. They are typically honest and loyal individuals, working in close knit teams to gather the bounties of the earth.



Successful miners learn to master the skills of Geomancy to improve their efficiency within the mine, especially allowing them to identify the weak points in rocks and sense the warning signs of cave in. This is not required to begin work within the mines, as most miners are eager to provide on the job training for newcomers.



Miners perform the bulk of responsibilities within their mines, moving dirt and stone out of the tunnels to reveal the desired ores and minerals, then removing those ores and minerals from the mine for further refinement. They work in teams with multiple miners assigned to a pair of Fire Setters, plus an Ore Augur in metal mines.   Miners are also responsible for the mental health of their assigned fire setters. This is not a written rule but more a tradition born of necessity and a deep understanding of the emotional requirements for well controlled Pyromancy. The vast Geomancy experience commonly shared among miners also provides its practicioners with a respectable level of insight into the truths of those around them, allowing them identify potential issues with few spoken words and take steps to assist.

Social Status

If you want to know where you stand in life, ask a miner.
— Common folk saying
Miners are cheerful, honest individuals, close-knit among their peers. Outsiders may find them abrasive and rude or may appreciate their candor and honesty in conversation.   In truth this is due to the Geomancy, as the skill also provides insight into understanding the truths an individual hears and observes. When an individual spends most of their waking hours surrounded by many who can spit a lie the instant it is born that individual tends to stop lying.



Miners are typically armed with a pickaxe, a shovel, a chisel, and a hammer. Most also know at least the madics of Geomancy, with some becoming experts throughout the course of their careers. The basics of Anemancy are also popular skills to keep air circulation within the tunnels.


Miners typically work underground in cramped caverns sprawling deep into the earth, although sometimes they mine in open ground mines cutting craters into the surface.

Provided Services

Miners dig through the rocks in a mine to extract the desired ores and minerals, using their Geomancy to determine the most efficient strokes for their pickaxes as they monitor the stability of the ground as they work.

Dangers & Hazards

As with anything underground, cave ins are a concern. Teams mining for metal ores will have an Ore Augur who typically carries a Metalmancy Shield to protect their team in these scenarios. Teams usually have a pair of Fire Setters as well, and a miner skilled in Anemancy while most have experience with Geomancy, leading to a team well-equipped to survive a tunnel collapse and then dig themselves out again. Regardless, it is a risk all miners learn to anticipate.   Due to the nature of pyromancy unexpected explosions are also cause for concern. For this reason a mining team views their fire setters' mental health as a top priority and will take great care to support them, and not only during working hours. Due to the temperament required to control pyromancy most find fire setters to be valued friends.
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