She no longer shows her glory but Molina'll always be home enough for me.
— Molinari fisher
  Once a thriving trade outpost on the elevated Molina Trade Road, Molina now serves as a sleepy fishing village in the middle of the Coral Marsh. The Molinari are a proud people, stubbornly adapting to overcome the hardships thrown at their town, from the collapse of their economy with the departure of the trade caravans to the frequent floods and hurricanes that cross the marsh.

Industry & Trade

Molina was founded as a bustling trade outpost along the Coral Marsh, to support merchants traveling between Nomura and Khalembra. Today most travelers prefer to use the Portal Exchange for quicker travel times, or travel by Airship or Sea Skimmer for safety and comfort, rather than brave the Trade Road.   Today Molina has adapted into a sleepy fishing town, although they still dutifully maintain the trading scaffolds. Just in case.


The small trade outpost perches on stilts driven deep into the muds of the Coral Marsh. Each building is elevated above the marsh to allow residents to not only avoid traversing the mud-soaked morass and it's resident wildlife below but also to avoid high tide. The Molina Trade Road, an elevated platform to allow travelers ease of passage between Khalembra and Nomura, runs through the town center. The trade road has fallen out of favor but the residents dutifully maintain the full length of its route, as the elevated platforms are Molina's only lifeline to the rest of Fillimet.   The town itself has been rebuilt several times due to destruction from various ocean-based disasters, with each new section raised higher from the marsh than the last. As a result Molina has become a towering mix of old and new construction, although most structures consist of materials carefully scavenged from the muck.
Trade post
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Molina Trade Road
Building / Landmark | Apr 3, 2020


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28 Jul, 2020 10:29

This is really great. I like that every time they rebuild they build a little bit higher. Must be a really interesting village to look at.

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