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Coral Marsh

The Coral Marsh provides a thriving saltwater ecosystem teeming with life, although the environment remains inhospitable to most sapient species.


The Coral Marsh, as its name suggests, is a saltwater marshland stretching between the Khalembra Desert and the continent of Nomura. The terrain consists of flat, grassy wetlands, punctuated by sizeable forests of water-loving trees.   With the exception of the wooded areas, which maintain higher ground due to the roots' support against erosion, the marsh completely floods at each high tide, requiring residents and travelers of the marsh to rely upon structures and roadways supported with stilts. Due to the waterlogged nature of the mud in the area this is a good idea even during low tide, especially since the waterlogged mud has been known to develop into quicksand and entrap travelers when the correct environmental requirements are met.

Fauna & Flora

Tall saltwater grasses in countless varieties dominate the landscape of the marsh, supplying both food and shelter for many of the animals at home in the marsh. Below the surface a thriving ecosystem of low-light water plants feed upon the nutrient rich mud and silt. Small forests and copses of saltwater trees thrive in the few higher ground areas of the marsh, their roots maintaining the ground level and providing shelter for scruffy brackish bushes at their edges.   The marsh is a popular breeding ground for insects, saltwater fish and certain species of shellfish. This in turn sustains a thriving population of the nomadic Parasitic Coral, especially among the breeding season. A generous variety of bird also make their homes in the muds, tall grasses, and saltwater trees and bushes of the marshlands.


The Molina Trade Road snakes through the marshland, constructed mostly of wooden platforms perched above the marsh itself. Maintenance of the road platforms is dutifully performed by citizens of Molina, a small trade outpost of stilted buildings situated in the center of the peninsula. Despite the care placed in maintaining the road most traders prefer to travel between Khalembra and Nomura by boat or the Portal Exchange, skipping the trade outpost and its large assortment of biting insects.   As a result Molina is dwindling in both importance and population, although the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery does maintain a small presence, to more easily study the diversity of life within the marshlands.
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Jul 14, 2020 07:56 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Did you mean 'copses' of trees? 'Corpses' is cool too though. :D   This location sounds amazing. I can just imagine walking along the stilted walkway, looking at all the grasses and birds and the sunlight reflecting off the water. :)

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