Plane of Fillimet

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  Fillimet is the primary physical plane of the world, and as such both the world and the plane are referred to under the same name. For the average citizen of Fillimet this plane is likely the only plane they will ever experience. All other planes are defined by their differences from this primary physical plane.


The lands of Fillimet are divided into nine continents by the waters of seven oceans. Each continent has its own unique geography due to the features of that region.  








The frozen ice planes of Igoris lay claim to the southern pole of Fillimet. The entire continent is covered in ice and snow and bathed in complete darkness for half the year, with no natural landmarks aside from the towering Igoris Mountains. Only one permanent settlement can be found here, the Igoris Outpost of the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery, with no permanent residents. Researchers cycle through the base in three year shifts, as anything longer has proven detrimental to the well-being of most creatures not natively found on the continent.   Igoris itself remains a popular focus of study and speculation, both as a result of the diversity of life relying upon the continent despite the adverse conditions, and its status as the largest site of magical instability in Fillimet. Many of the creatures found across Igoris have adapted to tap directly into its magical fields for at least part of their sustenance. Given that archeological studies have shown Igoris was once a tropical paradise prior to a cataclysmic ice event, many scientists wonder how the current native species of Igoris were able to adapt so effectively to the sudden change, and whether or not their unique dietary adaptations were a direct result of the change.






Nomura can be split into three main sections, each with its own geography and politics.   The snow capped Lonely Peaks along the western shore are best known for the colonies of Feral Dragons found along its length. Rumors also tell of secretive fae making their homes on the mountain heights, with untold riches and unknown terrors dwelling in the depths.   The forests of the Northern Reach find themselves embroiled in political intrigue and civil unrest, due to the Heathen Church's grip on the area.   The fertile planes of the Andisol Valley compose the southern half of the continent. Bread basket of Fillimet, the city states of the Valley have formed close trade relations with their neighbors, with most serving a variety of other trade contracts throughout the plane. Antheduum and fyreflower are the most recognizable crops from the Valley.





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