The Human city state of Malay is considered the farming capital of the Andisol Valley due to its effective usage of the fertile fields and freshwater rivers found outside its perimeter. The city is also a pinnacle of democracy, a matter of great pride for its citizens.


While Malay is largely a Human settlement they are openly welcoming to all who come to trade within their city. While Malay does have its poorer sections the city as a whole is relatively middle class due to the large availability of fertile farmland and related jobs.


Malay is democratically governed city led by a Mayor and a Town Council.


Malay boasts a stone-and-magic city wall around its urban center to protect its status as an independent city state. The wall is partially circled by a flowing moat to the north, east, and south, engineered by diverting the local rivers to flow around the city on their way to Sloval Lake. The area within the walls is also protected by an anti-portal field, with the city's official Portal Exchange zone located on the western side of the city outskirts.

Industry & Trade

Farming is the largest industry in Malay due to the countless acres of fertile farmland available in the outskirts of the city. Malay has constructed a large outdoor market along the main western entrance to the city in a successful effort to encourage outside traders to attend to the city's population.


Malay has a thriving tourist industry revolving around the city's fascination with its own criminal past. Tours are offered throughout the city, with a particular focus on the mysterious Brotherhood of Coin and their sudden disappearance in 3491 CFE.

Natural Resources

Located within the fertile fields of the Andisol Valley, Malay is a gem of industrious farmland and food production. Any useful plants that can be cultivated within the valley's climate will be found growing in the fields or available for trade within the city's market. The soil itself can also be purchased, for the right price.
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